21 Things You May Not Have Known about Onofiok Luke


He was born on March 16, 1978 to parents of noble and humble status…yes; Onofiok Luke grew through the elementary and secondary stages of education attending St. Theresa primary school Use Abat, Ibiono Ibom, Lutheran high school, Obot Idim… Yes. Due to his desire to accomplish more and supersede the stellar records of his late father and to liberate mankind from the ever-present and hydra-headed entrapment of self-imposed oppression and deprivation, he sought for and was offered admission to study Law in the University of Uyo, Uyo in 1998… Yes, what else do you know?

In the course of his undergraduate studies, Onofiok displayed excellent understanding of human cravings, humility, patience and deep seated wisdom, which are prerequisites for good and purposeful leadership in any sane society… yes and what else? In recognition of his innate ability to display the requisite leadership traits, the students of the University of Uyo massively elected him as President of the Students Union Government in 2002…yes, true! Is that all?

You can go on and on and on but what we are really interested in is, the fact that the good people of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area unanimously agreed that Hon. Onofiok Luke should represent them for the second time, on the floor of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly. That, he is doing in the capacity of the Speaker of the house.

A few days back, Wetinhappen.com.ng crew went on a fact-finding mission to discover why people love Onofiok Luke. We focused more on his personality and what really makes him tick! The people spoke but we decided to capture all these in pictures so you could see Onofiok Luke through their words.


Meanwhile, these are exclusive pictures you won’t see anywhere else! A picture is really worth a thousand words!

The people love him and they are confident that he will deliver on his mandate because…

He Knows the game. The Pitch and the Players
He Knows the game. The Pitch and the Players
He is a man of peace
He is a man of peace
He's the bridge between today and tomorrow
He’s the bridge between today and tomorrow
Married to most-beautiful woman on earth
Married to Uduak – the most-beautiful woman on earth. She feels the pulse of Nsit Ubium and the entire African women
He is eloquent
He is eloquent
He's open and accessile
He’s very open and accessible
He's the hope of this generation
He’s the hope of this generation
He takes youth and women empowerment very seriously
He takes youth and women empowerment very seriously
He is the voice of the youth
He is the voice of the youth, not just in Akwa Ibom State but in Nigeria
He's lively and inspirational
He’s highly inspirational and lively
He works and plays hard.
He works hards and plays hard.
He respects the elders
He respects the elders
He breathes with his knees
He breathes through his knees. The source of his strength is prayers.
He's diplomatic
He’s diplomatic
onofiok luke
He sets and follows directions
onofiok luke
The people love him! When he moves, the earth moves!
onofiok luke
He’s a good dancer! Ata owo Full Life
onofiok luke
He lives for others…always touching lives
onofiok luke
He’s a team player
onofiok luke
He’s got that ‘Aluta’ spirit!
onofiok luke
Everyone is the same to him. No class!
onofiok luke
He gives and takes advice
onofiok luke
He only understands the words ‘Service to humanity’

Happy Birthday to Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke – Speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly.

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