Thursday 16’03’2017 will mark another landmark history in Akwa Ibom State especially in a season like this when the Gov. Udom Emmanuel administration is doing everything possible to see to the well-being of all Akwa p ibomites and striving to cushion the excruciating effect of the cash economy crunch mounting to a high hit recession plaguing the Nigerian economy.

The Governor Udom Emmanuel administration armed with a clear cut five point agenda has redefined the act of governance in a tough, trying and tasking season.

An evaluation, experience and observation across various Nigeria States unveils a man Akwa Ibom people needed to adequately, properly and fully employ his long years of service in managing finance and bring such to bear in handling the affairs of state.

People from all works of life, different climes,organizations and industrial experts have all trouped into the state courtesy of the enabling investment atmosphere provided by the Udom Emmanuel administration.

From the South South,South East, Middle Belt and across the Northpoles, Akwa Ibom has been a reoccurring destination decimal of late.

As we gear up to receive the US Ambassador to Nigeria tomorrow Thursday -Ambassador W. Staurt Symington,

there are glaring indications that the synergy and chain of sustainable development which has been a pivot growth indices of this administration will receive a triple boost and endorsement of the foreign envoy especially in the dearest interest of industrial development which is passionately at heart with Gov. Udom Emmanuel -Mr Industrialization.

Akwaibomites are desirous of new bond of development ties with the United States -an avenue that will open more employment fora and advance economic growth of Akwa Ibom State.

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Welcome Mr. Ambassador to the land of the most hospitable people… Welcome to the destination choice.We have gone full blown in Agriculture too!

All fortunes inspired by the “Dakkada” spirit!

Lets get down to business.

Source:Community Focus Newspaper!

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