Katy Perry releases “Chained to the Rhythm” Music Video!


Katy Perry released the music video for her latest single this morning, giving fans a really good insight into Oblivia, the space park in which the video takes place. Perry makes her way through the “perfect” theme park, where cotton candy is served in portions the size of giant umbrellas, but clearly not everything is as wonderful as it seems.

Roller coasters are missing large pieces of track, little houses that dangle from strings spin too fast in the “The Great American Dream Drop”. A sweet couple enter one of them and are thrown brutally to the ground after a whirlwind spin.

The tall white fence from Katy’s Grammy performance also features in the video with “safe trip home” painted on it in blue, as a park visitor is catapulted over it!

People queue non stop for the hamster wheel, and keep running to the point of exasperation on a road to nowhere, which serves as one of many messages in Perry’s video confirming how she feels about the current situation in America.

Oblivia attendees also watch a 3-D movie that stars Skip Marley literally popping out of the screen, but it appears that only Perry is “waking up” to his presence. While everyone continues to act in synchrony, Perry tries to get them to snap out of it.

“Chained to the Rhythm” was filmed for 6 days at California’s Six Flags Magic Mountain.

See the exhilarating video below:

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