A foremost Youth Leader, grassroot mobilizer, founder and President of a leading socio-political and human empowerment group in the state christened Akwa Ibom Ofon Ama Initiative, Ambassador Ukai Udeme Emmanuel, has said that the administration of Governor Udom Emmanuel is focused on developing the state rather than throwing money around.Speaking with IBOM REPORTERS at his office, Amb Ukai emphasised that people should not see government as a place of sharing money that is meant for development.

Buttressing his point, the two-term Youth Leader of Etoi Clan, Uyo Local Government Area, said, “Governor Udom Emmanuel is investing money in what will bring development to the state, boost the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR), create jobs, among other things.”

He maintained that the responsibility of making the State a better place does not rest on the Governor alone because he’s a politician, but through the contributive effort of every Akwa Ibom person. He charged public office holders to give back to the society which according to him will help to curb youth restiveness and unemployment as well as in the development of their immediate community.

Speaking further on the various humanitarian programmes of the Initiative, Amb Ukai said, “Akwa Ibom Ofon Initiative was at the forefront during the electioneering campaign of Governor Udom Emmanuel. We had to look at a way of sustaining the Initiative among the numerous socio-political groups that joined in campaigning for his election. We moved to establish a traffic intervention because we noticed the shortfall in the traffic personnel on our roads.

“This Initiative is what I’m using to contribute my quota to the development of this state even without an appointment from the government. I’m supporting the administration of Udom Emmanuel because I believe in him.”

Revealing the reasons behind the Traffic Intervention Programme piloted by the Initiative, the Etoi Youth Leader averred, “We know that if people are alive, they can contribute their quota to the development of Akwa Ibom State. We recruited 540 Akwa Ibom indigenes as traffic personnel trained by the FRSC, NSCDC and the Peace Corps for three months before deploying them to Akwa Ibom roads. We have been able to record zero percent accident on these roads due to this traffic intervention programme. We’ve also succeeded in reducing youths restiveness by creating employment for these large number of people.”

Amb Ukai who spoke glowingly about the recently launched Movement known as Udom Aduk Efak, a brain child of his Akwa Ibom Ofon Ama-led Initiative hinted that the Movement was part of the Initiative’s way of complementing government’s efforts in the development of the state.

“Putting things straight, Governor Udom Emmanuel is done with elections for the first term, this is the time for governance. The coinage implies that the Governor has left his comfort zone to attend to the needs of the people at the grassroot as seen in the various monumental strides recorded so far by him.

“We at Akwa Ibom Ofon Ama through the Udom Aduk Efak Movement believes that the Governor cannot do everything for everyone at the same time, we had to complement his efforts by going to the people at the grassroot on his behalf to empower them through the donation of welding machines, sewing machines, clippers, hair dryers, vulcanizing machines, generators etc.

“I believe that by the time we do all these things, when it is time for elections, you will discover that the people will vote massively for the Governor, because you had touched their lives before the elections.”

Amb Ukai further advised Akwa Ibom youths against being used in the hands of selfish politicians, saying “everything we are doing, whether negatively or positively, we are contributing to our society and the effects will certainly be felt by us.”


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