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6 Ways Ministers Of God Can Avoid Scandals

“An accused individual has the right to be presumed innocent, until proven guilty, according to the law.”– UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHT. This article is not an attempt to accuse or acquit the Minister of God (presently in an alleged sex scandal) or his accuser, but to help ministers avoid grey areas, that might put them in similar complex standing.

Here are the things Men of God should do to have a scandal free reputation, especially with the opposite sex.

1. Men of God should keep their wives in copy of emails, text messages with the opposite sex, whether they are soliciting for help, advice, prayers or greetings. A woman’s instinct can spot a shady move or intention from a mile away, this can help avert impending scandal.

2. It’s advisable to cut off lengthy conversations with the opposite sex if they tend to drag the conversation. If they need counselling, they should be referred to the counselling department.

3. During counselling or prayer sessions, the door should be left open. This reduces the probability of something scandalous to be assumed.

4.  Contacts, such as hugs, if it cannot be avoided, should be kept to the barest minimum. A side hug should be given in place of a full hug. Even if you don’t have a bad intention, the person might assume otherwise. And trust me, that’s where rumors starts spreading.

5. While it is good to give the needy, all forms of assistance, cash or kind, should be handled by the welfare department. It’s hard to misconstrue an assistance given or handled by the department for exchange for personal or emotional gratification.

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6.  Social media should not be misused as people tend to be more expressive through these channels than when talking to you in person. An innocent gesture might come off as something more.

How else do you think men of God can avoid scandals? Tell us in the comment box!

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