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Official Naija PR are the Publishers of www.akstrending.com – one among the first Online PR agency in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria with Lagos Background.
Akwa Ibom Trending was launched in June 2013 and is a rich mash of trending politics, business, technology, lifestyle, pop culture, opinions, causes, news, and editorials.
Akwa Ibom Trending covers news 24/7 TRENDING news from politics, to economy, to crime, world events, celebrity, fashion and style, events, red carpets, entertainment, and the city.
We offer a unique blend of professionally written featured stories, user contributed articles, and high-resolution photography.
We are observers of what is  TRENDING around the world on Social media explaining the stories the world is sharing in social media.
Akwa Ibom Trending’s journalists and editors are committed to keeping our readers updated on the monumental events of our day, covering the stories they are interested in from a diversity of perspectives.
Akwa Ibom Trending was inspired by a set of journalist who present a weekly program on BBC Radio at  The BBC bureau on the internet.
Reporting on what’s being shared and asking why it matters, the Program is called BBC Trending Hosted by Mike Wendling Blogger for BBCtrending. Journalist, writer and producer at the BBC. And Mukul Devichand (born in Wales, UK) is a presenter for BBC Radio 4. His work includes programmes such as Crossing Continents, Analysis, From Our Own Correspondent and The Report. He has also presented Our World, a BBC World Service show. In 2009, with Crossing Continents producer John Murphy, he won a One World Media Award.
These great men inspired the birth of Akwa Ibom Trending www.akstrending.com
Type- E- zine
Owner (s)- Uduak Inwang (Cavil)
Publisher- Official Naija PR
Founded 2013
Headquaters- Akwa Ibom State
Website – akstrending.com
Facebook : m.facebook.com/cavilT
Twitter : www.twitter.com/cavilT
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cavilinwang