Orange September Event
Orange September Event

Crabs put in a bucket, pot or basket, engage in a useless “king of the hill” competition. In this useless competition, each crab in the bucket, pot or basket has a very good chance of escaping, instead they grab at each other, preventing any individual crab who is attempting escape to do so; thereby ensuring the eventual collective demise of all crabs in that container. But here is the person who really gains from this pointless competition – the person who put the crabs in the bucket in the first place. Hold that thought!

The comparison in human behavior to the syndrome described above is when a group of people or members of a group attempt to negate or diminish the importance of any member who achieves success beyond the others, out of envy, spite, conspiracy or competitive feelings, to halt their progress.
Also reflect on this – in our ecological system, specifically Animalia Kingdom, where both man and crab belong, man is the most developed species or if you like the most superior species. Or using a broad classification -in the hierarchy of that Animal Kingdom (i.e. including vertebrates and invertebrates), the crab is four (4) levels below man.

This article is not a lesson in SS1 Biology or about the evolution theory; I am trying to make a point. For me, it is rather curious and worrying that the superior species would be imitating a destructive phenomenon that characterizes the lower species. That is called retrogression!

Akwa Ibomites, as we collectively approach the significant age of 30, may this not be our portion in Jesus name! Amen!!

Examine the history of nations or groups of people who choose – because every action is a choice – this crab mentality. You’d find they don’t progress very much or shall I say their progress is usually at snail speed, very slow. From the African continent to Latin America to the Philippines – the results for crab mentality people are the same everywhere.

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Let’s bring this back home to Akwa Ibom State. We seem to have an unfortunate culture of expending our time and resources trying to pull down people who have attained some success; we would backbite and rundown anyone who we remotely suspect is trying to achieve results or some success; all in the hope that if we keep at it long enough, our senseless attempts would stop yet another from reaching their potential.

Some of us think that it is the only way to get ahead because they know no other way of getting ahead; others seem to get pleasure, which is usually transient or short-lived, might I add, from tripping up anyone who is on their way to the top or is at the top. But one thing is for sure – what goes around, comes around. Ask those engaged in this profitless activity, how it feels when they get their comeuppance (retribution); and they always get their just dessert, make no mistake.

However, in Akwa Ibom, the ones who engage in these futile activities never seem to learn any lessons; so at the very next opportunity to run down someone else they start the process again.

So notorious are we for our continuing crab mentality that a certain Prof. Emmanuel Ayandele described us – the “Ibibio nation as an atomistic society, perpetually at war with itself”; ever inclined to self-attrition; always engaging in senseless battles to decapitate each other; ever ready to cut off our nose to spite our face. There is a pattern. It is an illness oh.

Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that if someone is taking a wrong step or not acting in the overall interest of the group, he/she cannot be criticized constructively, accompanied by a good dose of well-meaning suggestions or advice for turning things around. This is certainly different from seeking every avenue to malign someone and their efforts, using a cocktail of real or imagined stories.

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If I were to cite the numerous examples of the display of this crab mentality amongst our people over the years, I would be writing pages of this article, trust me. Yes! Unfortunately, this is how prevalent this disease is in this State.

In a few weeks, Akwa Ibom State will attain the glorious age of 30 and there is a general excitement in the air with the various activities lined up to mark this auspicious Orange September! Well, you guessed right! Our crab brothers are at it again!

Not even the joy of Akwa Ibom turning 30, an age significant because that was the same age that Jesus was released into His Ministry. A Ministry filled with acts that brought Heaven to Earth and officially ushered in the implementation of the Agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven for the Earth. Not even this realization could curb the wickedness of the hearts of these people.

Upon deep reflection, perhaps, our ancestors knew why they named the crab, isobo. Notice that all you have to do is replace the first letter of the word with the letter “n” and you spell destruction! May the isobos of Akwa Ibom State eku dat nsobo ino Akwa Ibom, in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

These crabs in a bucket continue to exploit the naivety of the majority of our populace, to spew every kind of trash for the consumption of the unsuspecting public. Of course, there is the other little matter of using basic analytical and critical thinking skills to easily debunk these outrageous stories, which needs to be addressed amongst our citizenry.


I dare to posit that at the core of the issues that plague this great “land of promise”, is the crab mentality. Please, if anyone has a different diagnosis, provide it! Nso ke ado ado!

It was Edmund Burke who said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”; he also said, “When bad men combine, good men must organize.”
Consequently, the second part of this article will attempt to explain what is at the root of this our deep-seated or if you like, long-standing crab mentality. Also, we will look at what we can be doing differently. For as Edmund Burke would say, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”.

To conclude the first part of this article, I cannot but join Osondu Ahirika to chant his prayer – “one day, a new generation of Akwa Ibom people will rise [up], who will not eat the sour grapes their fathers have eaten. Who will sheath their swords and beat their spears into pruning hooks for [our] commonwealth to flourish”. That day is now! Esen owo ino nyin item ado o.
Akwa Ibom edakkaeda, ekpong crab mentality oh! Happy Orange September! HAPPY AKWA IBOM @ 30!

Ibibio Isongho o! Annang Mma! Ojei,Ojei bari akpakip Oro! Ekid ediodiong o! Ibeno Anyii! Obolo Itiki!

BY GLORY ESURUA SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 07089842751 (SMS only) Email: leadershipcultureanddiversity@gmail.com

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