Yes, some people are celebrated for their good life while some are condemned for whatsoever action or character they have in life among other people, this days people worth celebrating are few in number in today’s world, especially in public office.

In my life, I hardly celebrate people because I have not seen any public office holder in our today’s world that worth praises for their bad character, only few,I mean few, yes very few,some are sycophants while some do not even have anything to do in public office.
Today,having heard from so many people who prefer him to others and see him as the best among his contemporaries, the leadership style of a fine gentleman, David Sergeant, popularly called Utang Akwa Ibom ,I wonder and keep wondering,why do people prefer him among his colleagues.
Maybe, he is a giver,no,we have so many acclaimed givers today because they wish to seek for political office tommorow and soon,yes soon.
But here is a young man who is so perfect in his ways and doings, let me go back to memory lane,when Utang Akwa Ibom was appointed by His Excellency as Entertainment Assistant, I saw him as not being worthy to man the affairs of the entertainment industry, maybe because I thought as human that the position will best fit some persons I assumed,not knowing that God proposes and his own is final,I openly wrote against his appointment expecting that as usual, as our lifestyle, Utang Akwa Ibom will send his boys after me or reply me or even call me names as most of his contemporaries will do,they will start seeing you as an enemy to his government and tag you the number of enemy,but to my greatest surprise, I have never seen such maturity from any Akwa Ibom public office holder,no not even one,but maybe if there is any,very few,he replied me and appreciated me for criticizing him that such will help him do more and achieve a lot in his office, I was and I am so shocked that any Akwa Ibom man or Uyo man as he will prefer to see himself as,yes, Utang has never seen his life this way, after he sent me the message,he asked me for my number and we spoke, that’s how we became friends today and I can tell the whole world that I have seen a different Akwa Ibom man who holds office and is still humble, millions of his peers that cannot even boast of any achievement will carry shoulder high for I am an aide to the Governor, oh no brother, humble yourself and impact on mankind for once.
Apart from my experience with him,I have spoken to so many people who keep asking me,why is this Utang so humble,one asked me today, I answered him because he has seen life and life knows him,this is one young man that will humble himself to whoever person and hear from people, he has never looked down on anybody in life despite who he is, anytime anyday you call him or greet him,he will answer in a low voice as that of a Nightingale Yes Sir,mkpo abadie, I keep wondering what manner of man is this guy?
So many persons have written to thank him in so many ways and means,but please I have to celebrate good men with good character,mind you,Utang has not appointed me into any office or given me money,I choose to do these for he is a good man,but if tommorow he does something wrong,believe me I will openly criticize him and until then, let’s see,I doubt if he will be a different man,I must say that he is a good man.
People like Utang Akwa Ibom and a few others will make people vote for PDP and they are the men that has kept the government in good light to people, many of others should not have any business in politics or public office,yes they should be flushed out to stay in the library, yes perfect place for some people in government today.
This is one man that has shown me that indeed Aides to the Governor can work not in the days of Ita Benedict that he did not know from his left to right and others today, he has performed creditably well and for once deserves commendation and appreciation for he has done well,I would not wish to go into his achievements but please they are too many.
I am force to see him as the most active Aide to the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, the good man,they very good man.
Utang Akwa Ibom, please take a bow and remain in public office, God in heaven will preserve and keep you for the future, Uyo LGA should be proud of you.


By Abasiama Etukakpan
Thank you!

Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much indeed!!!

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