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These days Political interest literally means Pull Him Down- Aniebiet Francis

Aniebiet Francis at Godswill Akpabio International Stadium
Aniebiet Francis during Nigeria vs Zambia match at Godswill Akpabio International Stadium.

Politics, they say is a game of interest, but i never knew that phrase can completely rob us of our common sense.

We have become so obsessed with politics, such that our thinking ability has been beclouded by selfishness.

These days our thought process echoes one thing “political interest” which literally means “Pull Him Down”.

Now, objectivity and rationality have lost a place in our society and it is so bad that we don’t even know when we shoot our selves in the leg, while indulging in politics.

The Godswill Akpabio’s Nest of Champion, in recent times has contributed immensely to the economy of our dear state through football matches.

Using last Weekend’s Nigeria Vs Zambia match as a reference point, the influx of people to the state for that match, brought fortunes to the state. Mind you, when i say state, I don’t mean trees, buildings nor Governor Udom, but the people.
Hotels were fully booked, Taxi/ car hiring services experienced a boom, food vendors and beer parlors were not left out. Because there was high demand for food in hotels and restaurants, foodstuff sellers sold more, Keke riders had more patronage and let me not mention the people that were selling tickets for the match. In summary, when matches played at the NEST OF CHAMPIONS bring money to Akwa Ibom people.

Someone should tell me why any sensible Akwa Ibom person should deliberately fabricate or publicize a story that is capable of robbing us of the opportunity of hosting such matches in our state, as well as lose all the benefits that come with such opportunity; if not for political reasons?

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It was so heartbreaking that Nigeria Football Federation had to release a statement to debunk a silly and outrageous lie initiated by us, to redeem the image of our stadium and state.

This our hatred for the government of the day, has so twisted our mindset, such that, we can sacrifice an entire state just to see one man fail. And we call it politics.

This is indeed an eye opener that politics has become a silent monster that might destroy everything including us.


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