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FEATURE: Coup In Disguise, A threat to Democracy

The military intervention on the alleged insurgence in the South East: A wake up call.

As we all know they have been allegedly insurgence in the southern part of the country. Not just talking about the other real insurgence in the north. The most recent insurgency is the one in the south east. But was it really an insurgency before the army went into action?
What is an insurgency?
An insurgency is when rebels or a revolutionary people takes up arms against the authorities.

Now can we say the people of the south east have taken up arms to warrant the military intervention?
Now what is more scary is what is the military true aim of their operation there that they call the python dance 2. A python has no venom instead it suffocates it’s prey. From observations the people of that region already knew the intention of the military but they still welcome them. Then why the aggressive nature of the military?
Abia state is like the capital of the south east. The most aggressive people of the south east. The whole essence of the python dance 2 is not to put a check on the insurgence since like I said earlier there was no insurgence but to put a check on the will of the people in that region by the military.
Secondly, if it was to put a check on the insurgency, why extend it to river state another critical state this time to the south south? And in the look of things they will not stop there. They will still carry out such in other places that is for those who think they are safe and not affected.
Also even when the Fulani herdsmen who were initially sent to spur up insurgency in the region failed, they resorted to false means to still force out insurgency.

A military coup in disguise.
How does a coup occur?
1. They bring out alleged ills of the government and the people, then take action or false accusation. E.g
The alleged coup in the military from an unknown intelligence.
The alleged insurgency in the south east which failed.
Also it is already a known fact that the civilian government has failed us and are still failing us. So they do not even have much stress in this aspect. The uprising of a new Labour union called United Labour Congress ULC shows that even our existing Labour union has been corrupted by the civilian government. Since they do not longer fight effectively for the people especially after their last battle with the government they lost their credibility the more in the eyes of the public.

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2. They spread out enough ammunition to achieve plan.
Prior to 2017, From 2016, The military adopted a means of sending well armed men across the country giving the operation different names

NORTH EAST – Operation Gama Aiki

NORTH CENTRAL – Operation Safe Haven

NORTH WEST – Operation Sara Daji and Operation Harbin Kunama ( Scorpion)

SOUTH SOUTH (Navy) – Operation Delta Safe formerly called Operation Pulo Shield and Operation Crocodile Smile


SOUTH WEST – Operation Awase and Operation Crocodile Smile

SOUTH EAST – Operation Iron Fence and Operation Python Dance

For each operations, armed men with strong ammunition was sent to the region.

Truth be told the only time the military embark for such an operation is when they are preparing for war or during war. As seen in world war 1 were code names for operations was believed to have originated. So why carrying out such operations in exactly the six geo political zones. Are we preparing for war or are we at war? And one of the major principles of code name for an operation is that it does not reveal the agenda for the operation.

3. Surround self with loyal people.
After the alleged coup some top officials were dropped and other promoted because technically it is the best option to take in order to foil their plot over the alleged coup.
Let’s be honest with each other, Which intelligence does the military have.? If they indeed have any, why have they not been able to fish out shekaku?
Why have their general been allegedly betraying the Nigerian government and giving out weapon to the boko haram? during the period boko haram was still persistent. Yet they have not been able to fish out those corrupt officers.
But they can have intelligence over alleged coup and we are taking the bait.

4. Render the civilian governmental officials useless.
Once they are successful in making the alleged insurgency in the south east escalate like a virus, it will spread to other regions in the south thereby calling for military intervention. The people of the south tend to be more aggressive than the north and that is what they will be hoping for. Although they lack unity, making the operation much easier.

As seen in the open declaration of the IPOB as terrorist by the military. Under the 1999 constitution “Under the terrorism act 10 2011 passed by the Nigerian national assembly, only a high court judge on the advice of the national security adviser, the inspector general of police or the attorney-general of the federation can declare an organisation a terrorist group.” This action has already shown that they already rendering the civilian government useless if they can abide by the constitution.

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*My suggestion*
Left for me we should set aside our differences and unite, Let the right people handle the issue. The military is supposed to be based on external conflict. Any conflict within is supposed to be handled by the police. The only time the military can intervene is when it is beyond the police control.
When the military outrightly intervene in things like this, we should be cautious of military take over.

To me, if this order is from the president, it’s because the president was a military man and can never accept the potential of the police or any other internal security service we have. He will always believe that the military is the best weapon for everything thereby aiding military take over. We should know that the soldiers that were sent for this operation most of them were specially trained and there this more to what meet the eyes that can’t be said outrightly.

I call on all the political parties members who have been civilians to trade carefully lest they fall prey into the hands of the military. There is nothing like doing things the right way because the right way is always better. The Lawmakers should please stand up to their duty instead of continuing to sit down doing nothing and share money when they are already been neglected from their original duty as Lawmakers. A former president of this great country once said “When the guard is the thief, only God can keep the house safe and secure,” he said. “But I am optimistic that sooner than later, we will overcome.
“God will give us guards of integrity and honesty with the fear of God and genuine love of their people and their country.
“Today, there is no institution of government that is not riddled with corruption, not even the military. As the people cry out, where then is the salvation.” It is now or never. Even the president who was once in the military, do realize that there is corruption in the military. Why leave them to take laws into their hands as if they the upholder of the law and just ways.

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The President gave a speech through his vice at the combined Nigeria Defense Academy Passing Out Parade of the cadets of the 64 Regular Course of the Army, Navy and Air Force, the 65 Regular Course of the Navy and Air Force, and the Short Service Course 44 of the Army, in Kaduna. Prof. Osinbajo commended the Armed Forces for keeping faith with the current democratic dispensation for the past eighteen years, and noted that “the subordination of the military to civil authority has been a cherished age-long practice that has promoted military professionalism in all parts of the world.’’ I think the Vice used his wisdom to be diplomatic in his speech to remind the military of their commitment. There is a proverb that says ‘if owner of land does not call a thief, thief. The thief will call the owner of land, thief.’ It high time the Lawmakers start acting according to their duty unless they want their power snatched from them right under their nose.

Let us remind Mr president to trust the issue to our police and other security service apart from the military. Every military operations in the geo political zones should be withdrawn we are not at war neither are we preparing for war. They seem to be up to something and the earlier we act fast the better because they can carry out their actions in disguise in the six geopolitical zones.

Please this is just a thought for every Nigerian. We should learn to stand for peace by doing things the right way. The unity and peace should be our number one priority, followed by restructuring and not just politically but economically (there is much suffering in the land we need a system that works). The father that put his kids in one room when he had the chance to separate them must have seen the positive impact in the act. The child that goes against his father is set for failure.

God bless Nigeria
We are one
New age Nigerians #NAN
New Nigerian generation #NNG


Destiny K.



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