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Feature : Nocturnal love

Ekpeowo Ntafiong’s compound is a premises of three huts, encircled by a newly built atang* (native fence), with a narrow entrance adorned with eyei,* carefully weaved to form a frame. The moonlight shines directly on the center of the compound, exposing the shadow of two figures sneaking across the main hut, towards the udara* tree by the fence.

Etibeng, the only son of Etubom Ekpeowo Ntafiong, wouldn’t have a good night except done with his rather odd randevous with Iquo-mma. Tonight, at the foot of udara,* Etibeng satisfies a long expectation of Iquo.
“Ininge mmi, afiong ami asakka ono ami ye afo. I believe the night was created for us. While others sleep, we’re here admiring nature and loving”, Etibeng confesses. “Uyai akparawa mmi, yes the night was made for us. I can’t sleep well if I don’t set my eyes on you every night”, Iquo-mma responds with a smile. Etibeng leans his back on the udara*, wraping his left hand around Iquo’s waist, with his palm carelessly placed on her buttocks. Iquo wouldn’t just stop rubbing Etibeng’s broad chest, smiling and teasing.
But for the whispers of the duo, one would conclude that the udara* actually speaks. After getting high on romance, Etibeng finally breaks the pot. “ufan ima, you know my heart beats for you. Ami mmu’ma fien ata eti eti. I want to have you forever. Mbok, ndö mien”, he says. After a while, Iquo nods and affirm, “nya udö.”
…to be continued.

By AK Kingsley

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