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“My attention has been drawn to a trending new item on the social media platforms where it was reported that I had written a petition against Messers Joseph Utin and Ubong Ekpe respectively to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) for stealing and selling the idea of Ibom Fest to the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Culture and Tourism-Hon. Victor Antai, which then gave rise to the hugely successful “Orange September” campaign which heralded our 30th Anniversary celebrations last month.

On the strength of my petition, the reports stated, the individuals above were arrested, detained at the State Police Headquarters and are to be transported to Abuja for further interrogations.”

“I want to state here in a very unambiguous and clear terms that nothing could be further from the truth. I have nothing against the “Orange September” and I join others to applaud the Hon, Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Mr. Victor Antai for a great job he did in promoting and projecting our State.”

“The reason why I contacted the police and reported the individuals above is purely for my safety and those of my loved ones. The individuals concerned worked with me on the Ibom Fest that was to have taken place last December, but had to be postponed after the sad and unfortunate tragic incident at the Reigners’ Church.”

“The individuals had gone to great extent to blackmail and say all manner of negative things about me and actually caused to be published false stories about some amounts of money they claimed I had collected from corporate bodies, which they, in their hearts know is false. They claimed that I owe them 30 million Naira which is manifestly false. I was put through spates of blackmail and negative press by these people, and on many occasions, I had invited them to see things for themselves. At a number of those meetings, I had given them money from my own personal resources and advised them to stop the negative press.”

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” Unfortunately, they didn’t. They continued to attempt extorting money from me. I have evidence of these payments.”

They went further to threaten my life and those of my family members (evidence of which I have). I told them they had crossed the line by openly threatening my life, yet they didn’t stop, Afraid for my life and those of my family members, I had no choice but to explore the logical option available which was to report the incident to  the police and they were invited for questioning. This is the standard operational procedure and it has nothing to do with the “Orange September” campaign.

No one should take threats to one’s safety lightly and I don’t think any member of the public would stay back and continue to suffer the emotional stress of having your phone lines bombarded with text messages threatening   your safety without taking action.

Again, I want to emphasise that this is a safety issue and thus have nothing to do with the Orange September Carnival as has been erroneously reported in the media.

Signed: Ini Edo


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