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IPOB accuses Tony Blair of instigating Ethno-religious Violence 

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has ac­cused former British Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, of “trying to insti­gate another round of ethno-religious violence against Christians and Biafrans in Northern Ni­geria”.


IPOB in a statement is­sued yesterday by Emma Powerful, claimed that the recent visit by Blair to Gov. El- Rufai of Kaduna State was to convey Brit­ish support for power to remain in the North in the eventuality of Presi­dent Muhammadu Bu­hari’s incapacitation.


IPOB wondered why Britain, a Christian na­tion would continue to take sides with the North against Southern Nigeria which is predominantly Christians.


The statement read in part: “History taught us that Arewa core North enamoured themselves to British rulers by twice rejecting independence from Britain which re­sulted in two notable massacres of Biafrans and Christians in Northern cities in 1953 and 1957.


“ We also know that Britain have over the years served as godfather to the few feudal lords in the North, which is why Britain supported the rigging of census figures in 1953 that entrenched permanent Hausa Fulani domination of Nigerian politics.


“This same British god­fatherism towards the Arewa core North was also responsible for the military and diplomatic support that enabled Ni­geria to win the genocidal war against Biafra.


“Britain, supposedly a Christian country, for reasons best known to them, have persistently worked against the inter­est of Biafra and majority of Christians in Nigeria.


“What Tony Blair is do­ing today is a well trod­den path for the British government. They have come to officially give their blessing to the im­peding massacre of Bia­frans and other Christian minorities in the North.

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“Simply put, Tony Blair has come to instigate an­other civil war in Nigeria the same way he started the one going on in Iraq today. Arewa Consulta­tive Forum along with Northern Elders Forum must know that 1967 is not 2017 because Brit­ain will not defend them when the chips are down.


“The raw hatred and persecution of Biafrans by the British through Hausa Fulani core North is simply because of our enterprise and strong belief in the Judeo-Chris­tian faith.


“We are happy that in Nigeria today, lead­ers from Middle Belt especially are beginning to realise the existential threat from Hausa Fulani Islamic fundamentalism to the survival of Chris­tianity and Christians in Nigeria.” It said

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