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Nsima Ekere: Caesar’s Wife Should Live Above Suspicion

Out of a total of 375 projects on the list and 60 for Akwa Ibom State, FOUE is only able to feebly pick one or two projects with easily dismissible queries?” Imo Akpan.

Cutting to the chess,the above paragraph of Imo Akpan’s failed rejoinder only cast more self inflicting mud on the man you seek to make a saint when we know him for who he is.

As an acclaimed Lawyer, Imo Akpan foolhardily plunges the noble profession in avoidable abashment. Its shameful to conclude based on “Barrister” Imo Akpan’s submission that FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL ON FACEBOOK (FOUE),wrote the said article of facts that compelled him to attempt is charge and bail gimmicks of frustrating, uninteresting and lifeless rebuttal.

Whereas; the writers of the said article, clearly stated their name name as “Mandate Eyes”, it sparks ill intent to be fearful of the source and seek to run down voluntary friends of a performing governor for the mere fact that Nsima Ekere does not have the grace and capacity to command unflinching loyalty without cajoling the gullible with non existing, over inflated and poor standard NDDC projects that vacillates as his tenure elapses by December 2017.

Firstly, I do not believe that any reasonable lawyer worth his onions would risk his wig for such poor unintellectual argument on peanut since Nsima Ekere is politically known to constantly commit this unpardonable sin of being”tight-fisted”, except he has learnt the Akpabio way since his days as Deputy Governor under the Uncommon Transformer, who promised that he (Akpabio) will teach Nsima how to give.

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For want of time and space,so FOUE could concentrate on better matters,we must conclude from the beginning by stating with all sense of modesty and responsibility that one fraudulent project of NDDC under Nsima Ekere is enough to show how careless,nonchalant and incompetent they are. If Nsima Ekere and team could lie to us by dubiously stealing projects executed by Governor Udom Emmanuel by an inch,centimeter, meter nor Kilometer, then he is not worth staying in that office,one extra day,not to talk of seeking to be governor of this great state.

As Caesar’s wife Nsima Ekere NDDC campaign team 2019 should have lived above public suspicion. As it stands, Akwa Ibomites are aware of the level of desperation that has eaten up our son to becoming Governor, but the battle is not for the strong nor migthy,its God that shows mercy,that is why power comes from God alone and not from fraudulent NDDC projects.

It’s time to hide in shame for deceiving the public to bid for non existing projects, rather than blame FOUE for showing your dirty attitude for public judgment. We are thankful for the Mandate Eye Team for spotting this criminality and blowing the whistle which has shown the world the caliber of NDDC MD we now have. What a shame!

By Micheal Joseph Okon

Micheal Joseph Okon is the Administrator; FRIENDS OF UDOM EMMANUEL ON FACEBOOK (FOUE).

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