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Nsima Ekere’s Punctured Heart of Integrity

Many issues have come up lately. Most of the issues are on the person of Obong Nsima Ekere, and his fraternity with some persons who are his confidants. Obong Nsima Ekere is said to have left tainted record at AKIPOC, an organisation that heralded him into public service in Akwa Ibom State.

Obong Nsima Ekere,is the Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission , but since he joined politics, there are associations and individuals which his strong affinity to, has made his integrity questionable.

This assessment on Obong Nsima Ekere is important just this moment that his army of “Change” advocates are amping his interest to succeed the incumbent governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel by 2019. His supporters, some of them as naive as they are, have gone all the lengths to tackle Deacon Udom Emmanuel, on things the governor has done rightly. They have stretched the extremes of vituperations and hate. There is just anything the governor has not done that the change advocates haven’t found faults.The height of their endeavour is to sponge everyone else except Obong Nsima Ekere with blots.

Obong Nsima Ekere is not a saint. He has a weight of integrity hung around his neck.
First, he has rounded up himself with peope who were cruel and unkind to God, and unto their fellows. Society had assessed Governor Godswill Akpabio a bit unfairly because of those he surrounded himself with, as governor. Public opinion took a deep cut off his towering self-pride and achievements, because it appeared that he directly, and through proxies sanctioned ultimate crimes; violence, cultism, and kidnapping. Under his watch, men were unfair to men.

Society knows all those people who clubbed life out of those brothers of ours. Everyone who was old enough then would recall the cruelty Obong Sunny Ibanga, a self-styled political executioner in the Akpabio’s era, dealt on fellow Akwa Ibomites who sought to take over leadership of the State through the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN. That cruelty, conceived and executed through Chief Sunny Ibanga and the gang, left a hole in the souls of men. I belief the immaculate Heart of Mary bled that day. At least 15 people were killed. In the last six years, survivors of that black Saturday have been making effort to commemorate that disaster. After all that fury and blood shed, Chief Sunny Ibanga, is an Nsima Ekere’s “bone man”.
Nsima’s fraternity with Sunny Ibanga kills joy of all responsible and God fearing people of this State who condemned that unnecessary and strange opposition. No one has yet forgotten that that incident spilled into Uyo. And, at the Idongesit Nkanga secretariat, 500 tricycles and 350 brand new Peugeot cars were set ablaze. All of that happened because one Sunny Ibanga, Nsima Ekere’s covenant friend started trouble somewhere. Do not forget that those vehicles were supposed to be given out to support our brothers in the transport sector who are not rich yet serve us under the sun and in the rain. In one fell swoop, 850 lives would have been touched. Those people, all of them, or majority of them who would have benefitted from the tricycle and car assistance, would be millionaires today. Sadly, someone chose the path that cost 850 millionaires.

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Sunny Ibanga is a multimillionaire with business interets spanning aviation, media, toiletries, furniture, agriculture, etc. He did not want those Okada riders to have better means of livelihoods, so that they do not become millionaires like him. Yet, he will desire to rally their support and votes for his friend and current benefactor. Life is not fair to the poor! This was not the wish of God.

Uyo Nathaniel is another good friend to Obong Nsima Ekere. Whoever does not know Mr. Uyo Nathaniel, Obong Nsima Ekere’s security aide should check newspaper archives and police reports for his story. No one is judge over him, but for the strange violent crime of kidnapping for which Akpabio’s administration got hard knocks for, he was the first person in the State to be arrested in connection to that crime. That he is working the streets today is owed to the likes of Mr. Don Etim, that mixed blood; Akpabio’s Commissioner for Works. Reports say he was culpable in that first kidnapping case in Ikot Ekpene. Uyo Nathaniel, for a fact became the breakthrough for kidnapping in Akwa Ibom State. In the last nine years, about 300 people have been kidnapped in the State. There may be no end to this crime. Woe betide those who started this. Amen.

Beyond these two case, there is a lingering dissatisfaction about failure of the NDDC under Obong Nsima Ekere’s watch to make available the statutory annual largesse due to youths of Akwa Ibom State. It is gathered on good authority that other States in the region have gotten their due except Akwa Ibom State. There is a fuss that part of the money, 16 million was released to Prof. Chris Ekong, coordinator of political groups for Nsima Ekere, but it went down the pockets of a few. Will the government of Nsima Ekere which his supporters sing high up to the belfry be that of “brother chop, brother no chop”?.

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Akwa Ibom should not go this way. Whoever seeks to govern us should first of all show that he has purged himself of all iniquities. Obong Victor Attah was a great governor. He surrounded himself with good ideas, but some of his latterday friends almost ruined him. Notwithstanding, his greatness is unparalleled.


However so angelic a man is, but has the scornful, thieves and murderers in charge of the keys to his house, how much soever he cries “Lord thou art my refuge”, he has lost good standing before men. The seat of governance is exalted by God.

Whoever desires to seat on it should show proof in his attitude and affiliations that he or she will lead the people in the way of the Lord. Nsima Ekere is not the governor yet to have a feel of the vicissitudes that are upon that position, yet he dines with many people who have made themselves great terror to men. One wonders what would happen if he has absolute powers as governor. Would he choose to make lucifer the keeper of the keys to government house? That will be his choice!

We have seen an era where terror and evil reigned supreme in this State. With the prayers of the church, the light of God is shinning back at us. Everyone should be interested in walking in that light. A sullen darkness and fury cannot reign because we desire a change. After all, the change should begin from within.

If Obong Nsima Ekere desires to be governor, which of course from all pointers, he does; he must show us cause that during his first public service to the State, he did not sanction what Sunny Ibangas, and Uyo Nathaniels of this world did. I should resist a straight- cut answer that none of the duo was convicted, hence the two can’t be held responsible for those events.

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Everyone knows how they got off the noose. Obong Nsima Ekere, please sir you mustn’t be a receptacle; collecting all manner of rubbish, evil and good men at the same time, for the single reason that you seek to be governor. This is part of what punctures the heart of your integrity. Show us that your are not against us. We are still suffering from the spillover effect of the actions of the government which you were part of. The seed of cultism planted by that administration has grown and blossom such that cultism is a culture in our secondary schools. One cannot say exactly when we will conquer this cankerworm.

We have learn to pray about our problems under the Udom Emmanuel’s administration than resort to armed violence. The son of a poor man imbued with talents can be given a position without having his dad or the child himself, committed to a fetish oath. This is the way I have chosen to go. This is the way of Christ.

Uduak Sunday writes from Ndon Omum, Nsit Atai Local Government Area. Source The Net Reporters

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