A close look at our nation’s educational system, indicate that the pursuit of certification has replaces education in our nation. And this gives rise to the decline in the reading culture of our children and youths, which is essential to any serious education project or qualitative education. The resultant effects of these anomalies could be found on the standard of graduates which we have in our nation. A situation whereby our education system is in constant production of ill-educated, intellectually malnourished, knowledge deficient, un-informed, and uncultured graduates who are of no use for the success and development of our nation. These graduates in turn brings woes to our country by involving in many social evils, and disastrous ideologies, such as kidnapping, destruction of human lives, militancy, examination malpractice, insurgency, corruption, and other related crimes which are detrimental to our nation’s development and growth. The precipitous decline in our reading culture has rendered our country underdeveloped. This is because no nation can develop without a good percentage literacy level among its citizens.

This is endless. No wonder many countries that got independence together with Nigeria are fast developed and instead of us moving forward, we are going down everyday and in a state of deterioration. Many scientists in our nation cannot boast of meaningful discoveries before and after their studies in our tertiary institutions. Our economists have failed our nation; our engineers have failed us; our educators have failed our children and youths; our doctors have failed our sick ones; even the class that are addressed as professors and doctors in various fields of learning have failed our nation. This is very true, because as experts in those fields, they are expected to give the best out of the profession. But instead of this, the reverse is the case.

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The root of corruption is now traced to the school, since corruption is now taught in school. The expected values are no where to be found among our elite and our children and youths. When I say corruption is taught in school, am referring to the recent happening in our institutions of learning. This implies a situation whereby our educators are encouraging examination malpractice among children and youths. It is evident in all sort of malpractices regarding education, forgetting that examination malpractice jeopardize success by promoting unethical values, low quality skills and competitive disadvantage. These are people that sent their children to the best schools in town and some outside Nigeria with the expectation of qualitative education, when they are helping other children to fail.

It is time we redress our steps for sustainable and qualitative education which is the bedrock of the society and will bring about development. If we continue this way, the future of our children and youth will be in doom and Nigeria our nation will be a failed nation as predicted by the United Nation’s studies and survey.

I didn’t want to go this far, and I didn’t want it to be boring to you. That is why I will, at this very point commence my submissions and views towards the restructuring and correction of the anomalies which has brought us to a state of disarray. It is an established fact that development is a gradual process and if there must be change, it must start with man before the society. With the ongoing change begins with me campaign of the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, it is pertinent to note that if we must change the society, the change must begin with us, and as such we must be the change we want in the society. The main aim of this discussion was to recommend, that is why, I have made a full explication and explanation of the resultant effects of the anomalies.

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Therefore, having stated the aforementioned, I register that we should be the change we want in the society. Our educators should devoid their practices from all forms of involvement and actions which are detrimental and capable of rendering our nation underdeveloped. We should conscientiously know that the youths represent the hope of the future; the hope of a new Nigeria; the hope of the true giant of Africa. If we want the future of Nigeria to be bright, then we must, as educators adopt different strategies and approaches to fight corruption in our education system.

A sustainable reading culture will eradicate examination malpractices and other social evil. It will boast the intellectual level of our children and youths which are the future leaders of this nation.

Therefore, with this consciousness, we should promote a sustainable reading culture and habit among children and youths. That is why I have to make this call today, instead of teaching them corruption, we should teach them how to read which will help in empowering them intellectually, physically, socially, financially, economically, educationally, technologically, medically and otherwise.

Hence, we should incorporate reading periods in our school time table so as to aid in building a sustainable reading culture among them. With this, the hope of Nigeria is certain. Therefore, Nigerian youths, arise and build for yourself a new Nigeria of your dream. You must do this, because your future lies in a new Nigeria. Read to become great tomorrow and beyond. Take your place in history and make your country great.

Enwongo-Abasi Francis is a readership activist, librarian and humanitarian.
He can be reach via +2348168155341 or gentlepromise45@yahoo.com.

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