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Wait a minute, so PDP Governors went to visit the Nigerian president in London? Wonder they say shall never end. Now I believe, “wonder” must come from Nigeria to be having such fun with us.

The last time members of Nigerian government went to visit our president outside the nation I still remember how those now in APC and FG kicked against it. Today it’s their turn and they can’t act now like they talked then.

Truth is, would APC Governors have agreed to visit an ailing PDP President in London? Would they not have asked what was wrong with Nigerian hospitals that the president had to go to London? Would they not have queried the wisdom in wasting our tax Kobo in this hard times to visit our own president in another country as though he were a tourist attraction there?

Would they not have made so much fuss that there was no need visiting the president in London if he was already healed like our dear Gov. Udom Emmanuel reported? This brings to mind the story of a certain village head in Akpabuyo during Donald Duke’s administration as Governor of Cross River State. It is said that during one of Duke’s LG tours he stopped by a village where he’d planned to site one of his wonder projects and some how asked of the village head- “Obong Idung” only to be told that “ete ama ka idung” meaning chief has traveled to his village.

It was indeed shocking that a man would be village head in one village when we is actually from another village which he retires to from time to time. Interestingly, the story was told to emphasize the alarm that Akwa Ibom people were virtually taking over the Efik speaking part of Cross River State as it turns out the village Ete traveled to is in Akwa Ibom state. Perhaps, this is the case with our excellency.

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What on earth is an aged convalescent doing at the presidency? Why should a sick old man hold an entire nation of strong and healthy people to ransom except unless it is a terribly ill nation itself?

Here in Akwa Ibom state we are more interested in the on coming Local Government polls than a sick president. And so I won’t be surprised if His Excellency returns between now and November 11 and we’re unaware because of the many dramas thrilling us already.

Talking about drama, I’m told the APC may be fielding at least two candidates for each position because of the factions in the party. Yes, it’s official, there are two factions of the APC in Akwa Ibom. Engr. Ita Awak lied as usual when he denied it on Planet 101.1 FM two Saturdays ago. Solomon Johnny Esq confirmed it on Inspiration FM this 31st day of July 2017.

Away from that we have seen two if not three letters from the two factions, one affirming their interest to participate in the LG election they so clamored for and another declaring their intention to boycott it and yet another conveying their change of mind. We have even seen a letter from the national secretariat announcing it’s recognition of one person as chairman after receiving notice of alleged newly constituted state leadership of the party. Who does that? Why the letter if there’s no faction? What a confused set of people. Is this the party we should hand over Akwa Ibom to? This very one we’ve seen what it’s doing with Nigeria already? Res ipsa loquitor.


Meanwhile, their recent drama lies in their state congresses. In Akwa Ibom we hear they are in court not just to stop the LG polls but also to stop their own congress and primary. Jesus Christ of Awa Iman APC! Why? That some political pirates have hijacked their party! Perhaps, it’s their nature. Recently the courts confirmed this in Lagos where their bloody primary was nullified on same ground. In Rivers State a minister and senator have divided the party into two warring factions. In Kaduna the accidental public servant is stirring more accidents on those against his palace faction.

This is just to mention a few for paucity of time and space. C’mon state congresses these goons can’t even conduct for themselves with all the blood letting courtesy of pirates and hijackers. What riddance! Not too long ago, our first lady, the cosmetic intelligent mama, raised alarm over the hijacking of the presidency (if not her husband) from her husband (himself) nay true APC and we tried to sweep the whole thing under the carpet of joke called ‘the other room’.

My O’ my, it appears we now live in hijacked territory, a national hostage situation, where hunger has hijacked the entire nation thanks to the hostage policies of the presidency now partly hijacked in London and partly hijacked in Tinubu’s pocket. In another news I hear Orji Uzor Kalu is advising Gov. Fayose to stop insulting the president and better the lives of Ekiti people and I’m wondering didn’t his mother give him this kind of advise when he was busy insulting and fighting President Obasanjo instead of bettering the lives of Abia people as governor. There goes another hijacked conscience.
Good Afternoon Nigeria..
Ewa Okpo

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