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[OPPORTUNITY] Own a Land in you at 55,000/Month

A/Ibom folk should know that Nigeria belongs to all. Anybody can own land anywhere. IF IBOM PEOPLE WON’T buy land within an extremely ridiculous price profile of N55,000/month, my clients will HAPPILY sell to non-indigenes. The constitution backs them, and, right now, I promote it.

For Your Information, good part of Idu-Uruan – on your way to Le Meridien Ibom Hotels & golf resort – has been bought up by our cousins from nearer the Sahara. Yeah?

It was on offer and we didn’t buy, ’cause we thought to switch from building hotels to building fuel stations – of which we yet don’t have enough. Another reason was that we’ve always wanted to buy land around plaza. Methinks we should’ve asked other Nigerians what they know about Real Estate that we didn’t know.

Note: it was not because we didn’t have money.

It’s amazing that till this day, Ibom people don’t come close to other tribes of Nigeria in terms of investment insight. After so many seminars, radio complains, govt drives, church motivation and after so much stereotyping against us by others. We’re still sitting largely sitting around our palm-wine joints, calculating pension, criticizing govt programmes, buying and selling ‘nkenge mkpo’, going from ‘akam’ here to ‘akam’ there, and feeding on day to day rations.

Meanwhile ‘Nwannem’ are relocating from Bornu, Kaduna and Jos to Uyo to live in peace, live at low cost, and do business.

We need to know what real estate is. It’s still some liquid-fire investment globally.


In time past, people bought land with years’ savings, gratuity, stolen public funds, jackpot winnings, contract earnings…but on this present scheme we’re promoting, you can buy land with residual income, money made on the go, hustlers pocket cash and salary. It’s no longer a prayer point, so get up and just invest already.

You gotta contact 08027675065 now, or Whatsapp 0816240610 now. This offer has just 8 plots to go.

Well, well maybe I deserve stern reactions for cutting too deep. I’ll tag Ibom people in their numbers, on this post. And only Ibom people for today. But I expect a few more non-indegenes to contact the seller, ctsy of this post.

Akwa Ibom Isongho!

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