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Peace Asuquo
Peace Asuquo

Uyo social media community in the past 24 hours have been under severe weather, as feminist and other female pressure groups on different social media platforms,  responded to a write up by one Peace Asuquo, who deliberately ask what Girls what they have to offer in relationships apart from Sex.

 Peace Asuquo wrote.

“As a lady, if all you have to offer a man is s€x, then forget about this massage go and rest.

A real man cannot only stay with you because of s€x, except a play boy.
Because there’s more to relationship than s€x, besides girls are selling s€x everywhere bend down N200 at plaza.
So ask yourself what can I offer him apart from s€x? If he’s talking about business can I brain storm and contribute positively?.

Because of s€x today relationship is like buying and selling, no regard for each other.

First of all build yourself as a lady intellectually, spiritually, physically, mentally, etc so you can have what to offer a man aside from s€x, cos a real man like intelligent woman, a lady who can think, who have ideas and respect.

Babe believe me you’re not going to have s€x 24hours in that relationship so build that confident in you.
In fact build yourself for yourself, make yourself so strong and well build that a man will be afraid to lose you, even if he chooses to lose you he will still come back to begg because you have something to offer than s€x, I’m telling you the truth.

Everywhere s€x, s€x, s€x.
My sister to be very frank with you, a man can sleep with you on the very first date and become your friend for life, and a man can also date you without sleeping with you up to 8-9months and decided to leave you, so it’s not all about s€x but who you are, and what you can offer.

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All I’m trying to say here is, start from the inside makeup, makeup your character and every other thing that concern your purpose here on earth, because the internal you will sustain the external you.

So have beauty with brain, because I’m tire of “I slept with him he leave me, I didn’t slept with him he leave me”.

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