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Uyo State Constituency: Uyo Students Alumni Warn Against Malicious Report

Uyo State Constituency: Uyo Students Alumni Warns Against Malicious Report


The attention of Uyo Students Alumni and Uyo Students Association Worldwide, has been drawn to a post on social media by one Mr Edidiong Bongo Akpan, on the purported endorsement of person(s) for Uyo State Constituency, either for first or second term by the above mentioned bodies. Let it be officially known that both bodies have distance themselves from such post as it’s a calculated attempt my mischief makers to smear the image of the associations.

Should there be any arrangement of such, it would have been spearheaded by the Alumni which has Hon Victor Robinson as the chairman, after proper consultations with concerned stakeholders, thereafter instructions sent to the worldwide body for dissemination of same to all her chapters in various institutions.

Let it be known that the existing hierarchy of these associations remains thus; Uyo Students Alumni which is the highest body that consist of all former students from Uyo origin irrespective of where you studied, this body plays an advisory role to the Uyo Students Association worldwide which oversees the welfare and interest of all serving chapters/students in various institutions of which Comrade Victor John is the President.

Lastly is the individual chapters situated in some higher institutions and is manned by chapter heads. These chapters and their heads remains answerable to the worldwide body and on no account should a chapter embark on a project without seeking the consent of the worldwide except such project isn’t projected with the name “Uyo Students Association…” meanwhile, the downward chain of communication is adopted in this hierarchy and as such, instructions flows from the top to bottom not vice versa. Any chapter found doing otherwise shall be sanctioned accordingly by the Worldwide and Alumni respectively.

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We (Alumni and Worldwide) have been known for our successful and progressive stance on who to support in elections, so let’s hold on to that. Let it be recalled that our last stance on supporting a politician birthed the tremendous victory of Elder (Hon) Imoh Okon who is the current Executive Chairman of our Local Government.

At the moment, let us face our studies which is the paramount key to our success in future. Should there be any decision on whom to support, same shall be conveyed to everyone after proper consultations has been made for further consolidation.

We (as acclaimed future leaders by some fake politicians) should not be seen running after some expired politicians begging for peanuts knowing too well that we shall take over from them soon.

On the issue of Zoning in Uyo, I ask; if there is no change of the zoning schoolmaster (H.E Udom Emmanuel) for now, why then should there be a change in the law of zoning???

Finally, whoever wishes to support a person of his/her choice as an individual is at liberty to do so not in the name of the aforementioned bodies.

May the blessings be!

Comrade Michael Ekott
P.R.O Uyo Students Alumni

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