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Why I will die a DJ?- Dollie Popman

One of the Veteran Akwa Ibom Disk Jocker (DJ) “DJ Dollie Popman” has shared his story on social media which has inspired a good number of people who described him as being a source of inspiration to them.

Bellow is his post.

“I recall as a secondary school student when my dad shut down a party and chased me outta the place cos I was the “operator” (as local DJs were then known). Undeterred I moved on… to Asma Nite club in Paradise City Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, Tuxedo Junction, Crystal Palace Studios all in Calabar, rockin’ the city circuit as the Resident DJ. Plus, Cross River Radio as top notch host of chart topping music shows, hobnobbing with the high and mighty including the nation’s biggest boys and girls! Then of course I paid school fees at Unical from my DJ fees. In 2011 I was on DJ duties when I was spotted by HE Sen Akpabio.

Dollie Popman With Sepp Blatter in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Dollie Popman With Sepp Blatter in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

In 2015 HE Gov Udom Emmanuel retained me in my present Govt House role, where in 5 yrs plus I have walked the red carpet and mingled with 8 Presidents and heads of governments, countless govs and ex govs, ministers, power brokers, military high commanders, movie stars, A list celebrities, media gurus, business moguls, top dollar lawyers, high brow professionals and all. I’ve been to all the best countries of the 6 continents.

I have shared the same stage with 50 Cent and Ciara performing live! Including all the A-list Naija musicians, I’ve jammed with DJ Trauma, DJ Whookid, P. Diddy & T – Pain just to mention but 4!

My dad and I have since shared several “bottles of understanding” at the club! He didn’t shut it down this time…thank God. My 3 sons are in the game too – Clinton,10 plays the keyboard, Lionel, 8 the lead guitar and Aniekpeno, 6 starts his drum lessons next week.
Lesson: Pursue your passion. Do what you believe in. Go, baby go, do your thing. Forget haters, look forward for there’s more in front than behind. Don’t let no one stop you, but please go to school alongside. Knowledge is everything!

Multitude of thanks to God who has blessed me with talents & brought me this far, who am I! I love to play other people’s music, spinning the wheels of steel on the 1’s and 2’s. It’s paid my bills for 3 decades!

When I conclude my tour of duty in the Govt House, I sure will return to the turntables either on the radio, club or on the go…big time!
Now do you still wonder why I will die a DJ?”

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