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Workshop on Sharpening of Skills of HOLGS ends in Uyo

…Heads of LG Service Charged to imbibe essential leadership qualities

A 2-Day in-house Workshop on Management for Leadership organized by Akwa Ibom State Local Government Service Commission for Heads of Local Government Service (HOLGS) meant to sharpen their skills and broaden their intellect ended in Uyo early this week.
The workshop held at the Multi-Purpose Hall, LGSC, on Monday 24th ended on Tuesday 25 July, 2017.
In his opening address, the Chairman of the Commission, Sir Dr Val Attah said the Workshop was a capacity building effort aimed at sharpening the skills and broadening the horizon of the participants for effective service delivery.
Dr Attah said high performance have been known to increase in organization that expose their human capital to leadership development through training programmes, which he said would translate into more dynamism, effectiveness and efficiency for the public service.
Adopting the definition of leadership from Reference.com, Dr Attah said leadership can be described as the process or art of influencing people behaviours, thought and attitude. Since leadership entails inspiring people effectively, efficiently and willingly to do what they are assigned for higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction, leaders should keep in their minds human relations issues, personal contacts with employees, listen to and solve their problems.
Dr Attah observed that absence of strong leadership leads to slow growth and loss of competitiveness and direction, noting that since some people lack “X-Factor” trait of leadership in them coaching, mentoring, action learning, team development and leadership programs can help bridge the gap.
He said the purpose of the workshop was to help the Heads of Local Government Service to gain the keys to unlock access to the X-Factor of leadership.
It was his believe that participants will take advantage of the workshop and become even more productive by imbibing the essential qualities of leadership and gaining the elusive “X-Factor” traits.
Presenting the first paper on Effective Communication And Interpersonal Skills, Mrs Maeyen Edward of the University of Uyo dwelt on Uses of interpersonal communication skills and recommended that Heads of Local Government Service should adopt the assertive communication approach where everyone wins.
The Facilitator called on the participants to regulate power in their offices by not making any worker indispensable.
Other topics treated at the workshop are: Time and Life Management, Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Team Building, Effective Leadership and Etiquette & Personal Grooming.
Dr Attah in his remarks at the end of the first lecture called for contributions from participants and one of the Commissioners just as he advised that subsequent lectures be more of interactive to drive home the purpose of the Workshop. The workshop was for the 31 Heads of Local Government Service in Akwa Ibom State.

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