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#WorldBookDay: Readership Activist Charges Children and youths to develop the habit of reading.

A readership activist, Educationist and librarian, Books Enwongo-Abasi Francis has charged Akwa Ibom state children and youths to inculcate upon theirselves a sustainable reading culture so as to become great and useful to humanity and the society.

He gave the charge while addressing students and pupils during readership promotion tour and advocacy to schools in Akwa Ibom state in commemoration of World book day 2017.

Enwongo-Abasi Francis Books who is the director of society for readership promotion for children and youths (SOREPCHY), noted that the rate of development of a nation is directly proportional to its literacy level, as such the students and pupils should be reading books for information, education, liberation, motivation, inspiration and empowerment by knowledge which will bring rapid development to the society.

The readership activist admitted that reading is the only potential tool for development, transformation and sustainable academic achievement in the society upon which if not inculcated early into children and youths, they will suffer set back in various endeavors of life and even the nation will remained underdeveloped.

Emphasising on 2017 world book’s day theme which is” Bring Back The Book Culture”, Enwongo-Abasi Francis said that the call is timely and that it is everyone’s responsibility to aid in reviving and bring back the culture of books into the society. Hence, parents, teachers, guardians, the media, schools and government should join hands and effort together in playing their participatory responsibilities in nurturing the love of reading among children and youths who are regarded as the leaders of tomorrow.

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The readership activist cum Educationist, opined that through a sustainable reading culture; the challenges of knowledge deficiency among our graduates and even the youths will become a thing of the past and the monster examination malpractice will be eradicated out of our education system.

He maintained that the book culture is the best culture of all times, as one with it has the tool to crab and utilized many opportunities in life, as compared to the person who does not have the culture. Going by this, Enwongo-Abasi Francis admonished the children and youths not to be lackadaisical about reading culture, as it has many benefits and attributive significance to humanity and the society.

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