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Exclusive information gleaned from credible sources in the United States have revealed a criminally dubious side of Clement Ikpatt, the man who spent over thirty years in the United States of America without anything to show for it, until he was rescued in 2011 by the immediate past Governor of Akwa Ibom State and Minority Leader of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio, with an appointment as the Senior Special Assistant, Diasporan Affairs. That Clement could today, turned around to fight the very system that Governor Akpabio , his benefactor had built and oiled, the very system that had rescued him form a life of economic vagrancy in the United States speaks to the fleeting loyalty quotient that some people exhibit. It is sad and a painful reality.

Sometime in 2011 or thereabout, Clement Ikpatt, with the help of credible Akwa Ibom people, such as: Dr, Victor Udoh, Barrister Hope Umana, John Edem, Ini Ikpe among others- people with verifiable professional accomplishments and education, formed the Akwa Ibom in Diaspora Network (AIDN). Clement Ikpatt was made the President, not because he was the most qualified, but because he didn’t have a full time job, and thus had plenty of time to devote to the association.

The association was a platform to help showcase and support the efforts of the then Governor, Godswill Akpabio, whose uncommon transformation had moved Akwa Ibom State from a fringe state to a nationally acknowledged one with great infrastructural amenities. The membership of the association paraded the A-list of Akwa Ibom Diasporas. Everyone went into the organisation with open and clear mind, except Clement Ikpatt.

Unknown to the association members, Clement Ikpatt wanted to use the organization to further his own personal ambition. Trouble started when a marathon social media session was organized by the association for the immediate past Governor to speak to the Diasporian community. The event went spectacularly well, and Governor Akpabio showed appreciation to the association for the great job done.. Clement Ikpatt cornered the money to himself and started acting in a strange manner. All the logistics that members contributed towards making the event successful were disregarded as Clement became unavailable and later turned tiger.

A once cohesive organisation was now on the brink of break-up, but Clement didn’t give a hoot.. To him, he had gotten what he wanted and everyone else could go burn in the hades. Because majority of the members were people of means and character, Clément’s malfeasance was overlooked.

But Clement was not done. Sometime in 2011, members of the association in Houston, Texas, who were impressed with the achievements of Governor Akpabio, felt the need for him to be recognized internationally. They reached out to the Member of Congress representing the18th Texas District, Sheila Jackson-Lee. The Congress woman was excited by the performance of Governor Akpabio and subsequently awarded the Governor and his wife, a Congressional Certificate of Recognition. The award was bestowed on the Governor and the First Lady in Houston, Texas.

Clement Ikpatt, true to his dubious tendencies, took credit for the event to the chagrin of other members who had made the event possible. It was shocking for Clement to have claimed credit, since he was then resident in Delaware, a State in the East Coast of the United States. Members were aghast bur Clement again didn’t give a hoot about their feelings. Shortly after this event, Clement Ikpatt was appointed the Senior Special Assistant, Diaspora Affairs and it was from here on, that the dubious, criminal minded and shocking lack of character and slimy ways of Clement Ikpatt came full circle.

People who lives in glass houses should not throw stones… My name is Emma Solution, watch out for the next edition.

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