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Monday Eyo Okon



Nature is instructive, guiding and timing, time is of essence and very important… Man often wait for time but time practically waits for no one. Time is irreversible, when lost its irrecoverable, time is a tool and an asset.

Time is very strategic and important, its sets the pace and tone for every political activities. In politics, there time to win and be won, time for a single term and time for double terms.

It is time, we learn to take pains and make adjustments for our collective good.

Its true old norms are difficult to adjust, it’s time we believe that through understanding, truth, selflessness and strong will we shall always have our way as a people.

Its time, Uyo people eschew bitterness, bigotry and pride so we can collectively achieve the greatness we all desire.

It is time, we tell ourselves the truth that positive adjustments in politics comes with pains but the results and benefits are enormous.

It is time, our leaders lead us right and not pitch us against ourselves for their inglorious gains.

It is time, we resent Mr Jones(Animal farm) mentality in Uyo politics.

It’s time, we put to check our ego and desperation in politics for the good of our people.

It is time, we don’t let another’s capacity be a threat to us, rather we should learn to build tower out of our people, so that through them we can have clearer vision of the future.

It is time, we learn to appreciate goodness and reward hard work by giving more opportunities to our performing sons.

Its time, we stop mudslinging and leading campaigns of calumny against our brothers for political reasons.

It’s time, we reject obsolete and stagnating political ideas of single term representation in the House of Assembly as preached by few whose political vision can’t see beyond their stomach.

It’s time, we be fearless and truthful no matter whose Ox gores.

It’s time, we learn to love one another despite our political differences and interest.

It’s time, we acknowledge power comes from God, and no amount of conspiracies orchestrated by faceless individuals whose voices are loud in their silence.

It’s time, we reflect on the enormous impacts and advantage Uyo stands to benefit by having a ranking member in the House of Assembly in 2019.

It’s time, we reminds ourselves that single term House of Assembly representation in Uyo State Constituency started with and Oku man.

It’s time, we all support our performing House of Assembly member Rt. Hon. Monday Eyo for second term in 2019.

by Solomon Nse

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