Imagine that era where you couldn’t freely express your view; that era where journalists in Akwa Ibom State were hunted and caged.

Imagine that era where you could not drive home freely at night without minding who is following you.

Imagine that era where children from Mobil Pagasus school in Eket were abducted for ransom and the Principal killed.

Imagine that era where Paul Inyang was murdered in cold blood on a Sunday inside church while worshipping God.

Imagine again that era where Chief Ukpana was assassinated in his house and his son, Odudu jailed for a crime he never committed.

Imagine that era where Sam Ewang’s wife was kidnapped simply because he stood for an election against the incumbent.

Imagine that era where Mr Udonwa’s mother was abducted, rape and murdered simply because the son wanted to contest for governorship election.

Imagine that era where banks were being rubbed on weekly basis

Imagine that era where cultism was the order of the day. That era where children from secondary schools were being initiated almost on daily basis.

Imagine that era where young men couldn’t think of getting any meaningful job to themselves other than stealing and extortion.

Imagine that era where akporos (touts), phone snatchers and pick pockets where at every corner of Uyo and other cities.

Imagine that era where you can’t freely patronised every bar as different fraternity is in control of different bars in town so you must be a member to be able to visit such.

Imagine that era where the incumbent cannot allow the opposition to freely campaign without bloodshed.

Imagine that era where the opposition will never be allowed to make use of the state own facilities for their political activities.

Compare to the era where the reverse is the case. The era where boys freely surrendered their weapons to Gov Udom Emmanuel and embrace peace.

Truly Udom Emmanuel is a legend.

My name is Abasiubong Tom, I will gladly vote for him again.

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