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BusolaDakolo: Nigerian lawyer plan to shut down COZA, help victims molested by Fatoyinbo

– In light of the ongoing COZA pastor saga, Busola Dakolo has found another support in person of a renowned Nigerian lawyer – This lawyer has asked for permission to sue Fatoyinbo and help other victims molested by him and many other pastors out there – It would also seem that he is making big moves to shut down COZA till the matter of ground is settled A Nigerian lawyer identified as Sega L’evilleur on Twitter has indicated his interest to take up a case against Biodun Fatoyinbo in light of the molestation allegation levied against him by Busola Dakolo.

The lawyer made his intention known when he was asked by another prominent Nigerians Ayo Bankole if it were possible to shut down COZA till the case about Busola Dakolo was finally settled in court. In response to Ayo Bankole’s question, Sega said that he is making moves to get the Dakolos to give him permission to file on their behalf. Also, he said he was pretty much interested in helping other victims molested by the COZA pastor to get justice.

In a series of other posts, Sega urged ladies who had been molested by Fatoyinbo to speak out now and write a petition so that they can help bring the man of God to justice. Even more, he specifically told Nigerians not to crucify the COZA pastor as he is still innocent until proven otherwise.

His own appeal is for the case to bring to court and for justice to be served in the appropriate way. Later on, he revealed that he has been given consent to go ahead with his plans.

Recently, another Nigerian lawyer named Joe Abah dared Biodun Fatoyinbo to go to court and sue Busola Dakolo. Then, he went on to reveal that he is ready to financially support the Dakolos.

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