Nana Udom: Hope of a common man in Ukanafun federal Constituency.

Mr Ndiana Nana Udom for Ukanafun federal Constituency.

As 2019 elections draws closer,the seat for the Ukanafun gathers momentum on who shall speak for the good people of Ukanafun federal Constituency in the green chamber of the National Assembly (House of Representatives).

A hand pick of candidates have indicated interest to speak for the good people of the federal constituency,but in politics or better in a contest that is normal and inevitable,but one basis fact is that one person shall and will win and hence shall represent the people of Oruk Anam and Ukanafun federal constituency in the lower chamber of the National Assembly and by the grace of God that candidate is a revered banker with over ten years experience, a philanthropist extra ordinaire and an accomplished private individual with impeccable track records and success history.

A brief analysis on the candidates vieing for the position shows credible hands in leadership positions but definitely not house of representatives and definitely not in year twenty nineteen except the ordained representative of Ukanafun federal Constituency, Mr Ndiana Udom. In the creme of candidates,we have business men,professional politicians and private individuals,but what Ukanafun federal Constituency needs among these candidates is a man who can sacrifice his last money to the poor and the downtrodden,a man who can sacrifice his car for a young man to drive so he can be happy as he is,a man who can give out his salary to ensure his people are happy,a man who shall speak for his people no matter the odds,a man with the goodwill,political antecedents,human relations power, a man with the charisma and the capacity to lead Ukanafun Federal Constituency to the desired height in the committee of federal constituencies and that man is Mr Ndiana Udom.

A clear research on representatives in Ukanafun federal Constituency shows that the people of the area are yet to have a credible hand and voice to speak for them in the House of Representatives and I can say authoritatively that the federal constituency might lack the popularity among federal constituencies despite the fact that we have had representatives from time immemorial and since the inception of democracy and the time is now for us to liberate our people from the shackles of ineeffectie representation with the capacity and charisma of Ndiana Nana Udom.

In the basic responsibility which a lawmaker is basically entitled to perform, Ukanafun federal Constituency should be ready to enjoy enormous dividends of democracy through youthful and vibrant representation and leadership. In lawmaking.With his years of experience in the private sector, Mr Udom is vested enormously with the laws that can change the life of a common man in Ukanafun federal Constituency,he knows where his people shall need people oriented representation and this he shall give and he shall be heard every sitting day in the floor of the National Assembly,this I can attest to and vouge for him. In terms of making quality laws, Mr Ndiana Udom shall give his people the best and exceptional lawmaking to his people and he shall take the people to an Eldorado.

In the area of empowerment, I can vouge that Mr Ndiana Udom shall stand tall in this regard,he shall break records and set a new one in the history of the constituency, empowerment shall be a daily routine for this vibrant and seasoned banker of many parts.Many youths of the federal constituency shall earn a living and shall not beg for a living, they shall have a sense of belonging in the scheme of things and in the day to day running of government in the constituency through making positive impacts in this direction. Presently, Mr Ndiana Udom has the unbeatable record of empowering more People in his home local government of Ukanafun and in his federal constituency ,over 100 persons are under the care of this vibrant gentleman but surprisingly this record and mean feat is not in the public domain but it’s high time I did let the cat out of the bag, a record that most office holders can’t get close to, this makes me to imagine when he assumes office,the millions of boys he shall turn to men,the number of women he shall empower and the number of elders he shall maintain across the federal constituency.

I can boldly say that his party,the PDP shall be satisfied with this astute and vibrant legislator and shall wish he continues in office for a longer time.

This is one lawmaker that shall redefine representation and shall take Ukanafun federal Constituency to an eldorado in the committee of federal constituencies in the county and in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the best hand for Ukanafun Federal Constituency, the man of the moment and the hope of a common man in Ukanafun federal Constituency.

  1. Jak Idian Ubok ino Mr Ndianabasi Nana Udom,for House of Representatives,Ukanafun federal Constituency.

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