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APCON presenting guns to NDDC M.D. Nsima Ekerensi

…Nsma Ekere’s hypocritical Silence

By Kufre Carter, Uyo

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, while receiving a Presidential aspirant under the People’s Democratic Party, Alhaji Kabiru Tanimu Turaki(SAN), and a delegation of his campaign team at Government House Uyo,raised alarm over the unconstitutional deduction of 6.7Bn from monthly allocations to the state in the last two months and non payment of derivation funds by the Federal Government.

Following this announcement by the Governor, one would’ve expected and hoped that indigenes of the state in positions of authority in the APC would speak up against such ill treatment towards Akwa Ibom and her people and ask questions of the federal government as to why this illegal deduction was made.

As usual, the Managing Director of the NDDC, Obong Nsima Ekere; an Akwa Ibomite, for some really selfish reasons, has choosen to keep quiet about this injustice being meted out on his state just to remain in the good books of the Federal government to the detriment of his people; the same people he wants to govern in 2019.
Akwa Ibom state is currently the largest oil producing state in Nigeria and as such deserves every bit of the 13% derivation allocated to it( and even more) by virtue of its contribution to the nation’s economy. This was a battle fought long and hard by Obong Victor Attah in the infamous onshore/offshore oil dichotomy against President Obasanjo. This is the same Obong Attah, the NDDC boss addresses as an elder statesman, professes admiration and respect, sings praises of his strides. Why is he not speaking up to protect Obong Attah’s legacy?

It is obvious that Nsima Ekere is probably more interested in receiving gun and dagger gifts at political rallies, sponsoring media attacks on the person of Gov. Udom Emmanuel and Akwa Ibom State Government and forcing his way into the Hilltop Mansion.
Akwa Ibomites, behold your 2019 hopeful.

It’s now common knowledge that the global crude oil price has increased from $38 to $78 from per barrel, and as such, Akwa Ibom state should be getting an increase in allocation not a deduction.

What’s the rationale for such unconstitutional deduction?

Could it be punishment punishment on the PDP following defections of principal members of the APC to the PDP?


It would be recalled that prior to the Ekiti Gubernatorial Elections, the APC-led federal government deliberately starved the entire country of funds by failing to remit the appropriate amount to the national coffers, so they could defeat Fayose and the PDP.

The APC-led government has upped its ante to tactically frustrate the developmental plans of Governor Udom Emmanuel and other PDP governors with these incessant and illegal deductions, for them to fall short of people’s expectations against 2019.

Governor Udom Emmanuel is committed to the industrialisation and development of our dear state and will not be deterred by any factor.

God bless Akwa Ibom State

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