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FAAC: Akwa Ibom Is 2nd Richest State, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa Top List

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According to information from the National Bureau of Statistics [NBS], Anambra is the 18th richest state in Nigeria based on Federation Account Allocation Committee [FAAC] allocations for the year 2019 with N45.03 billion received.

According to the statistics, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Lagos State top the chart respectively.

Ekiti, Gombe, Ogun, Cross River and Osun are last on the list with Osun receiving the lowest FAAC allocation of N19.44 billion.

See the 2019 net FAAC to 36 states in 10 months below:

  1. Delta: N182.32 billion
  2. Akwa Ibom: N143.16 billion
  3. Rivers: N130.65 billion
  4. Bayelsa: N115.50 billion
  5. Lagos: N97.78 billion
  6. Kano: N68.83 billion
  7. Kaduna: N55.98 billion
  8. Edo: N54.05 billion
  9. Katsina: N52.85 billion
  10. Borno: N51.51 billion
  11. Jigawa: N49.18 billion
  12. Ondo: N48.25 billion
  13. Oyo: N47.04 billion
  14. Niger: N46.96 billion
  15. Imo: N46.47 billion
  16. Sokoto: N46.33 billion
  17. Benue: N45.31 billion
  18. Anambra: N45.03 billion
  19. Kebbi: N44.22 billion
  20. Bauchi: N43.90 billion
  21. Kogi: N43.64 billion
  22. Abia: N43.61 billion
  23. Enugu: N43.43 billion
  24. Yobe: N43.13 billion
  25. Adamawa: N40.36 billion
  26. Taraba: N38.87 billion
  27. Nasarawa: N37.54 billion
  28. Ebonyi: N37.18 billion
  29. Plateau: N36.07 billion
  30. Kwara: N35.46 billion
  31. Zamfara: N34.75 billion
  32. Ekiti: N34.53 billion
  33. Gombe: N34.25 billion
  34. Ogun: N32.06 billion
  35. Cross River: N30.32 billion
  36. Osun: N19.44 billion

(Source: OAGF/ NBS)

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