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I have observed the iniquitous murder of facts, reasoning and lately the blatant naivety displayed by the discrepant character that only recently succumbed to the pressures of accountability of his stewardship of our dear state by anti-graft agencies and shamelessly subjected himself and the entire Akwa Ibom people to uncommon genuflection on International media.

Apparently, this delinquent fully acknowledges the vast capacity of his forebears in shaping the political future of Akwa Ibom State which he plundered with Nazi style unrelenting devastation.

It is also true that apples don’t fall too far from the tree as historical facts of political betrayal of past leaders; conversion of generational assets and other con-driven pillaging of the goodwill and resources of future generations speak volumes of the pedigree, mind-set and modus operandi of the small minded fellow.

With experience, I am convinced that the Almighty always grants relief to a people whose evil leaders take advantage of position to visit villainy and vitiation on their common wealth. The fate of Nebuchadnezzar, Ahaserus, Hitler and co (who have suddenly become mentors and guiding examples to later day apprentice despots) remains a reference point.

The bitter pill of massive alteration and serial frauds at the Ibom Airport where over N12b was paid out to contractors for a non-existent International Terminal Building to Ibom Power misappropriations that have set the state back a great deal, or the N25b spent on a 146room hotel to the unexplainable billions sunk into Ibom Deep Sea Port, Tropicana, Wet and Dry Park, unremitted tax proceeds running into billions of naira as well as the phantom 31 Cottage Industries across the Local Governments which annual budgets had provided for and several other white elephant projects signposting a dark era of waste and robbery.

We cringe as we recall the painful murder of political gladiators of our time like Late Albert Ukpanah, HRM Edidem Robert Obot (Paramount Ruler of Nsit Ubium at the time), Peter Ebere(EPISCO), the Udonwa’s and over 200 Akwa Ibom Sons and Daughters murdered, declared missing or kidnapped. Kidnappings and assassinations had since ceased following the end of that tenure of banditry, brigandage and pestilence

To the Glory of God, a God fearing leader was introduced to put an end to the painful years visited on Akwa Ibom. Today, we have a decent man as Governor who is willing to correct the bare faced malfeasance of that nocuous tenure by exuding love for the people towards rewriting our history as dedicated, honest and patriotic value enablers of the Akwa Ibom Project.

I dare say that the Political intrigues of the 80s would remain strange and completely lost on a mind like Akpabio who hardly reads anything beyond comics but relies on fabled fiction without little coherence or substance. Our self- proclaimed jester has a strong history of inability to add votes even at the Governors Forum and has severally confessed to rigging elections, masterminding large scale betrayal of classmates, benefactors, political associates, family or friends and declaring war at a time when the Number One citizen is noted for his “Anti-Corruption” posturing.

Imagine the shame of a President to be found in a room with the number one guest of the EFCC and poster boy of corruption in Africa all in the name of party politics. The Change shame of course must rub off on fellow party men even as those of us in the PDP who strongly believe in transforming the Nation and correcting the ills of purveyors of heinous chicanery are elated over the good riddance to exceptionally bad rubbish.

That lame attempt to stoke ethnic sentiments is a clear indication of latent ignominy and mischief; a common fact lost on him is that hardly would you find families without deep relationship either in marriage or blood lines that cut across ethnic groups in Akwa Ibom State but again this must be due to the ambiguous gap in his exact lineage.

The events leading up to the Primaries of the NPN in 1982 cannot be articulated by an urchin who was cutting his teeth in letter writing and answering phone calls for hoax artists in Lagos as dress rehearsal for the uncommon pilfering meted on a State that produced brilliant minds like Late Dr Clement Isong, Donald Etiebet, Idongesit Nkanga and Victor Attah as previous helmsmen. How unfortunate and sad that we put forward our worst player at a time of economic surplus. Akwa Ibom people have learnt the hard way and never again shall we leave room for duplicitous characters and charlatans to lead our people.

We indeed are grateful for the severed umbilical cord of pervasive nuisance to free our people to massively re-elect a prudent, disciplined and people oriented leader for a safer and impactful eight year tenure till 2023.

May God help Akwa Ibom State!
May God forgive Nigeria!!

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