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I WANT TO RESIGN AS A PASTOR by Pastor Nyeneime Andy

If church is all about offering and tithes, then I want to resign as a pastor. If church services is all about gathering people to manipulate them to get a livelihood, then I need to resign as a pastor. If church is all about entertainment, motivation, fancy clothes and where to meet friends, then I need to resign as a pastor. If the church is now an arm of the government, then I need to resign as a pastor. If the church now inquires from government what to do instead of inquiring from God what to do during crisis, then I don’t want to be a pastor anymore. If the church now go to government to inquire about the future and not kings coming to inquire of God, as in the days of old then I have to resign as a pastor.

If giving to God and even giving to pastors is not seen as an oblation and a privilege, as an act of worship, but rather seen as helping God or helping a pastor or now becomes an abuse or a way of controlling the church, then we should stop giving and stop abusing the church and the Pastors. If sinners are not coming to church and they get convicted of their sins then I need to resign as a pastor. If politicians are no more convicted of bad leadership, of their sins, get broken in the presence of God when they come to church, then I don’t want to remain a pastor. If politicians now cannot be protected by God when they come inside churches but by armed security men inside the church then we have missed it.

Psalm 127:1- except the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. We have placed more value on our politicians than on God, we esteem them more than how we esteem the presence of God. We now have turned them to gods and we now worship them.

Do I blame the politicians, actually NO. I will blame the church. We are now powerless, we no longer seek the Presence of God but we seek to know politicians. We no more look up to God for Help, but we look up to men to help us. We are now motivational speakers. We now preach what will make politicians happy and give us money instead to preach the raw truth full of God’s undiluted power that will convict and break people in the presence of God. We no more rebuke the rich, for the fear of losing them. Their tithes and offerings detect our message. We no longer preach from 1Timothy 5:17-19- Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not high minded, nor trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

CAN is now a supposed commission working for government whereas they were to be the voice of God to the people. We now fear men more than God. Should we rather hearken unto men more than unto God. (Acts 4:19)

If I have to remain a pastor, I need the old time religion: when we focus on the message of salvation of souls than on motivational talks that gets people excited and not convicted.

If I am to remain an Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, I need to obey God rather than obey men, reverence God more than how I reverence political office holders. Pastor a church were souls are saved, sinners are convicted not comfortable, the sick are healed as they come to church, the poor are not treated as outcast and the rejected in the society are celebrated in the church.

I want to pastor a church were all are seen as brethren without making some to be high minded and some to be low minded. I rather lose my seat in government functions than to lose my sit in the house of God. This might offend some people and they might stop supporting the work of the gospel but I rather loose riches that will displeased God and rather remain a door keeper in the house of God.

I want to pastor a church that Kings will come to inquire of the Lord as in the days of Old. I need the Presence of God more than I need money. I need revival more than entertainment. I rather loose friends than loose God. I can’t imagine life without Christ.

I am Apostle Nyeneime Andy, an apostle sent not from men nor by a man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father.

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  1. Joseph Ikpong, Reverend

    Man of God u may not really know me but I know u in details. These has been my cry since this thing started. My greatest question is, is church all about what this so called “some Christian” are saying? And why are some of the Christian leaders and mega church GOs so silence? Where is the power of the ONLY GOD that worn election but left the same government when ordinary Corona heat the people? I think there’s a problem with the state of FAITH of our Christian leaders and some Christians. Opening of banks, markets, shops, hotels etc. where there’s little or no control and shutting down gathering of the church and schools where there is 98% control is what is making me think that there is something wrong with the way some of our leaders process their thoughts. Is there any church or school in this state that is as plenty or populated as Afaha market? Akpan andem market? Itam market? Abak market? Ukam market? Eket markets? Ekponwa Market? Nung Udoe market? Ibeno Markets? Etc? I join u to say, there’s something wrong with this system! Now they say move in the day only; does Corona now move in the night? Let me bring to the notice of every one that having caugh, high fever, deficulty in breathing etc. did not start today and it won’t end today. Their gods and what they believe may have failed them but the JESUS CHRIST whose servant I am, hasn’t failed yet and He will never fail. If our Christian leaders have sat down to study the Bible they will be able to distinguish between obedience to government and government PERSECUTING the church. In any generation, any government or person that is not careful with God’s people is always taken care of by JEHOVAH himself! Come to think of OFFERING AND TITHE; how much do people really give to God in this state as compared to what people use to give in the Bible yet we can still carry the Bible? Which pastor in Akwa Ibom is really rich not to talk of being wealthy as compare to Pastors in other states? What some people in church don’t know is that the so called offering they give in church services doesn’t solve the problem of the church not to even talk of taking care of the pastor! Now there hasn’t been church services since 1st Sunday of March in this state till date, how many Pastors have died because of hunger? Does Pastors eat from church offering or his work in God’s presence? All this noise makers in radio and television about offering and tithe should be ashamed of themselves (if at all they are born again) and return to God in repentance. I will personally go round this state to see new houses and businesses that has been establish because people never gave in church. U have been of so much encouragement to me. But not for the calling in my life, I would have stopped preaching the gospel and do something else. This insult is too much! I will find time to see you if u will be accessible because I have tried twice but I couldn’t. I love u.

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