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Ita Enang


Ita Enang

Following the massive defections that have rocked the All Progressives Congress, whereby no fewer than 50 lawmakers have left the party, we have come across several posts and commentaries from some groups and individuals calling for the sack of our son Distinguished Senator Ita Enang as the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Senate Matters. The general agitation is that Senator Enang abdicated his duty post and he is secretly working for the Peoples Democratic Party.

We have observed the actions and activities, the remote and immediate causes and have discovered that Senator Ita Enang has no blame in the shocking tsunami that has sent shivers down the spine of APC faithful across the country. On the contrary, the defecting lawmakers have all spoken about their real reasons for leaving, some of the reasons which include:

1. Failed promises and deteriorating conditions of living in the country under the current APC led leadership.

2. They said their defection was also precipitated on the sincere commitment to join a group that will bring about a restoration in the progress and growth of the country’s economy.

3. They also complained about the poor and democratic process that saw the emergence of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole as the national chairman against their expectations.

4. Their inability to have their opinions in matters of pressing public importance in the country, in order words, their opinions were never received in major decisions of the party.

5. They also were not satisfied by the insistence of the party to field the current President Muhammadu Buhari as the sole candidate in the 2019 elections, despite the current show of cluelessness in the face of a security, economic and social challenges.

6. If Enang is to be blamed for the defections in the national assembly, who are they going to blame for the defections by Governors and members of respective Houses of Assembly in the country?

Suffice it to say that the Distinguish Senator Ita Enang is the liaison officer between the Senate and the Presidency, what was he expected to do when the party had already shown a constant display of arrogant and directionless leadership?

We are appalled that rather than see how to correct the ills and anomalies that have made the party a sinking ship, some elements are out to shoot out our very dynamic son, as scapegoat in the ensuing calamity.

For the avoidance of doubts, Senator Ita Solomon Enang, a lawyer, and indigene of Ididep in Ibiono Ibom local government area has been a committed and brilliant public servant who has served this country effectively as a deputy speaker of Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly, a three term member of the House of Representatives and former Senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. In his assignment in the senate, he has been able to help provide a perfect link between his boss the President and his former colleagues. We hereby warn all those who are out to discredit him, and to bring about his downfall, to cease fire and leave him alone.
We also call on the leader of the Akwa Ibom State Caucus in the national assembly, His Excellency Senator Godswill Akpabio, to rally support of his colleagues and the presidency for Senator Enang, if not for anything, for the sake of the few Akwa Ibom children who are directly engaged in his employ. This is because if Chief Enang is removed, the slot will be given to someone elsewhere and will elude our dear State.

Finally, we advise Senator Enang to remain submissive and focused on his responsibilities and avoid incessant resort to attacks on the Government of his home state, which is not part of his brief at the National Assembly liaison office.


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