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Today, nations the world over, will take to various means to celebrate the international Women’s Day ( IWD ). It commemorates the movement for women’s rights .
While the first observance of a Women’s Day was held on February 28, 1909 in New York , March 8 was suggested by the 1910 International Woman’s Conference to become an “International Woman’s Day.” After women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia in 1917, March 8 became a national holiday there. The day was then predominantly celebrated by the socialist movement and communist countries until it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations. But as we all know, this is definitely not an history class for the records, I’m just in the mode of celebrating our women.

Where won’t we find women? King Solomon with all his wisdom dedicated his time to celebrating this creature of finesse, elegance and beauty in the Song of Solomon. Again, this is not Bible studies class.

Women are always in the scheme of things, mostly, for the right reasons though moments to shelve in the shelf of oblivion are never grossly excise from them as well. In the contemporary society, these folks are seen in the professional sphere, fighting tooth and nail to make their star shine in the shade of male dominated endeavors. They form groups at the slightest opportunity; from the Association of female medical Doctors to Association of female Lawyers; National association of women journalist (NAWOJ) to Nigerian society of female engineers… The roll call seems inexhaustible. Who are you to play politics without women? How will you run public offices without giving them their pride of place? Be careful before legislators wives association (LEWA) will convene an emergency council meeting at your instance and turn the heat on your head. Women seem to have this characteristic omnipresent in their genetic computation.

Let’s go to the beginning, a woman has massive ability in playing the surrogate role. Lose your mum at a very young age and see how your sister becomes your surrogate mother. She cooks; plans the budget of the house and implements it accordingly as well as other sundry domestic chores. The young mother cares for the entire household. She finds daddy’s socks, prepares junior for school and ensures that the family’s farmland does not fallow. Experience is the best teacher. No questions please! Yes, the little mother, oh! Little woman is capable of more.

Women are most times the tranquil factor in many clusters or societies if you like.

Male deputies, vices or assistants are always in the business of nursing a take-over when you complete your tenure even in the prevailing realities of the governing constitution of your political party which one of its components might be the sanctity of zoning, Pee Dee Pee! Comrade Ini Ememobong good morning. Cut yourself some slack and appoint a woman as your deputy when you fire the next man with that illegitimate aspiration and you will sleep with your two eyes closed till the end of your tenure. I feel like saying “hi” to the Senate minority leader before I continue… I hope you get the drift?

If you have ever been in doubt how you will grow your congregation in the face of stiff competition among churches, then worry no more. Yes! Your guess is as good as mine. Women, right? Right!

Next time you are going for campaign for the next general elections, don’t bother consulting the other specie of the order with pomp and extravagance again, especially when you know that you took bank loan to fund the processes. Call the women leader in your community and cast your burden on them. They will garnish you to the electorates and return your balance sooner rather than later.

Women have coached many to the throne and have also plotted the down fall of many kings. They have always been known to have the guts to fly even where Angels crawl. Don’t forget that hell hath no fury like a wounded woman, nay, women. Everyone is talking about Sampson now in Church but also remind senior Pastor that despite him trying to cover the tracts of truth with his sugar coated tongue, we are already aware that junior pastor’s breakaway is orchestrated by his wife. Don’t mention P square, we, don’t have the whole night to write. yes! Women will always be in the mix.

So, as Dr Glory Emmanuel Edet led ministry of Women affairs and social welfare, roll out drums and champion the 2018 women’s day celebration here in Akwa Ibom State at the Ibom hall grounds, it’s imperative for us all not to underestimate the power wielded by women in any society, by investing vigorously in their education and all other appurtenances of them, to help them perform optimally. In the same vane, it’s worthy of note that Gov Udom Emmanuel administration has been the toast of women even beyond the shores of the state. His Wife’s initiative in reinventing the women’s wheels has been legendary and incredible. Shelters have been provided for genuine widows who didn’t have any covering over their heads. I’m sure I will be sounding like a broken record if I go through that list again and redundancy will become inevitable.

In sports for instance, a certain Aniekeme Alphonsus is now in an American University, studying and sharpening her athletic artistry, a beneficiary of Gov Emmanuel investment in sports which is done in a broad umbrella to canopy the women as well.

Like we all know, today is definitely not for counting of chicks before they hatch, it’s a clarion call to all who have benefited from this amazing creature of God who are usually an amalgam of many parts and qualities, including steel and resolve; black and white, good and bad, to raise their glasses let’s make a toast to them that were created to please the eye and trouble the heart.

Martha Udom Emmanuel
Osondu Ahirika
Michael Bush
Sandra-emejuiwe Ini Ememobong
Ime Uwah
Charles Udoh
Watchout Naija
Otobong Effiong Bob
AK Kingsley
Ifreke Nseowo-Connoisseur
Kenneth Jude
Solomon Eyo
Utang Akwa Ibom
Don ShadeCover Bassey
Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom
Ekaette Anwana
Itoro Columba
Anietie Eka
Ekaette Columba
Anietie Ekong
Anietie John Ukpe
Patience Bassey

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