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Parallel Commemorative Service To Mark Akwa Ibom State Anniversary: A Joke Taken Too Far.


Sammy Etuk

Last week, I wrote here that the Nigerian political class is a paradox, nothing more typifies this absurdity than yesterday’s parallel commemorative service held by a faction of the All Progressive Congress ( APC) at New Birth Bible Church, Osomgama purportedly to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the creation of Akwa Ibom State

To my mind it was an infantile joke taken too far, a crass display of ignorance and desperation for power taken to the lowest ebb. The inanity of such action totally ridicules the organizers and the purpose of the said service. Mr. Nsima Ekere appears to be a fine gentleman, but unfortunately he is surrounded by associates who are not tutored in the art of conventional politics and diplomacy. As such he is being painted in tar in the guise of promoting his gubernatorial ambition.

Those around him are desperate to justify their pay packets and the only way they can do this is by demeaning and deriding the office and person of the governor of the state, including the sanctity of the state.Yesterday’s was not the first, nor will it be the last time that supporters of Mr. Ekere will go all out to undermine the constituted authority of the state. During a thanksgiving service of the NDDC MD in Ikot Abasi, his hirelings just to ridicule the office of the governor of the state in the programme of event of the occasion, broke all known protocol, using a terribly blurred picture of Mr. Udom Emmanuel and addressing him without the prefix “His Excellency” as commonly used in Nigeria.

Obviously trying to show off that the NDDC is working in the state, supporters of Mr. Ekere embarked on a mission to cause disaffection between the government of the state and the commission. Contractors without regards to the master plan of the state and government developmental programmes were mobilized to sites to “rehabilitate” roads in Uyo. What would have been a noble venture was turned into a vehicle of blackmail and campaign of calumny.

Instead of working in synergy with the government of the day, they attempted running a parallel government by usurping the statutory powers of the government. This was resisted by the government, who at the end of the day proved it was in charge.

So the APC shenanigans at New birth church in the name a commemorative service did not come as a surprise to discerning minds, they thrive on divisiveness. However, It is a known fact that the hood does not make the monk and as far as Akwa Ibom state is concerned, there is only one governor at this material time, in the person of Udom Gabriel Emmanuel to the exclusion of others. So no matter the number of services they hold or the proclamation made by any “prophet”, it doesn’t make anyone the governor. They do not speak for or cannot be said to be representing the good people of Akwa Ibom state.

The only service held to mark the 31st anniversary of the creation of our dear state was the one that took place at the Uyo township stadium yesterday. The abominable gathering at New birth was a charade orchestrated to massage the egos of some people who are desperate for power, forgetting that power comes from God alone, and no man can arrogate such power to himself.

We may not like Mr. Emmanuel as a person, nor his policies, but the fact remains that the government of the state is upon his shoulder, the law of the land and Almighty recognizes this indisputable fact. He is the choice of the people and no matter the desperation or gang up, only the people can send him packing through the ballot, so there is no need wasting time and energy trying to play God in determining the fate of the governor.

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