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Governor Udom and Attah During the renaming of Ibom International Airport to Attah International Airport.


On the 29th May 2015, Deacon Udom Emmanuel took an oath of office as Governor of the State, and he promised to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people by making provisions for sustainable projects; human capital development, provision of infrastructure, transformation of the health sector, reformation of the agricultural sector, and indeed, establishment of effective industries in the State. 

Today, what we’ve witnessed across the 31 Local Government Areas of the State is nothing but the fulfillment of the above promises. 

Before now, 80% of our hospitals were in the state of ineffectiveness with decayed structures, unavailability of medical equipments for efficient medical practices. In other cases, some of these hospitals were secondary habitats for snakes and some other crippling animals: Ituk Mbang general hospital, Ikono general hospital, e.t.c, are all case studies. 

Today, what we’re witnessing in the State is the reversed of the above ugly situation. Gov. Udom has not only salvage the deteriorated state of those hospitals, he’s complementing the sector with the construction of some other hospitals, equipping them with ultra-modern medical facilities. 

Courtesy of this strive towards reviving our crippled and ineffective health sector, Gov. Udom Emmanuel has made available some electronic medical equipments for effective medical purposes. Electronic medical record system utilized in the state presently has made the State to be named the only state in the country with digital patient medical record system. 

The achievements of Gov. Udom Emmanuel in the health sector are: 

1- Construction of Immanuel general Hospital, Eket. 

2- Renovation of St. Luke’s hospital, Anua. 

3- Rehabilitation of Administration block of St. Luke’s hospital, Anua. 

4-  Construction of Etinan general hospital. 

5- Renovation of Ituk Mbang general hospital. 

6- Rehabilitation of Ikono general hospital. 

7- Construction of Gate House hospital, Ikono. 

8- Rehabilitation of Ikot Okoro general hospital. 

8- Construction of the Emergency Operation Center(EOC) and Infectious Diseases Hospital(IDH), Ikot Ekpene. 

9- Shipping of new medical equipments to the Ibom Specialist Hospital. 

10- Relief of over 6000 mal-nourished children. 

11- Free eye care for almost 2000 people in the state. 

12- Shipping of ultra-modern medical equipments to all the hospitals in the state. 

13- Free medical treatments for children, pregnant women and aged people. 

14- The ongoing renovation of Iquita general hospital, Oron. 

15- equipping of Ibom Specialty Hospital with ultra modern medical equipments. 

16- Ongoing renovation of General Hospital, Amamong Okobo, Okobo LGA

For us to enjoy more of this benevolence of Gov. Udom Emmanuel, let’s support him for a second term. 





© Umani Uwemedimo

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