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Udom’s Practical Approach And The Waning Drums Of War

I’m very happy with the approach that Governor Emmanuel is using to silence his critics and detractors. While they are busy raving and ranting, our dear Governor is busy setting up viable economic structures for posterity. I bet, their tails are between their legs and they are now running blindly around like a Christmas fowl whose head has just been cut off and left to oscillate aimlessly and blindly around the floor! Our Governor has completed the Lagos lodge, now he is floating an airline. Boy! Udom has thrown a bunch of sucker punches to their faces and they have fallen face down, kissing the canvass.

But Alas! The governor has not lifted a finger! He has thrown them into a state of despair by shocking them on daily basis. And all they do is sulk and whimper. Frustration has set in in their respective camps and I hear they are treading blames and desperately searching for moles amongst them. Hahahahaha. I just dey laugh. Truth is, Udom has performed beyond imagination and there’s absolutely nothing the warmongers can do to stop this moving train, destined to gracefully land in 2023.

Oh Federal might abi? Is that not defeatist and stupid? You are not working, not mobilising, not setting up strong political structures for the coming elections, you are lazing away at palm wine joints relying on beer parlour talks for federal might. We are talking about the collective will of Akwa Ibom people here. They’ve seen what Udom has done, with lean resources and they’re all ready to return him to the Hilltop Mansion for a second term. When your Federal might comes and meets the people’s resolve to support their leader, nobody will tell them to drop their MIGHT and let the will of the people prevail !!!!

(C) Onibaba

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