UNCOVERED: APC/Ekere’s Plot to Hornswoggle Uyo Senatorial District

• Ibibio Will Remain Insignificant Majority

– Akpabio Brags

Beyond political differences, may I speak to us from Uyo Senatorial district to be aware of this poisoned chalice offered by our new found suitor? The former Governor in his usual Oh Uyo poking may have clown about it in his rhetoric but gradually we are becoming a mockery unknowingly while thinking that we are playing politics between PDP and APC. Sadly enough the politics is between the ineffective majority and the effective minority.

Sometime in 2015 a lot of people came out and said anything but Jonathan and today the same gladiators are clamouring for anything but Buhari. Why is it that people hardly want what they want the moment they get? In the words of Obong Victor Attah;

“The electorates hardly know what they want, more reason politicians do the thinking for them” paraphrased.

Look, this desperate campaign of the political god of Akwa Ibom State or should I say the Godswil of Ukana should be read beyond the euphoria and excitements that accompanies political show of strength. Listen, 2019 is beyond Udom Emmanuel it’s more about Uyo Senatorial district and our effective majority which has been trampled upon. Its about the political value of the mfan ukana (there is a parlance that this leave mfan ukana remains useless and ineffective no matter how many one gathers, there are good for nothing) in Uyo Senatorial district. Sadly enough, Uyo can not be of lesser value without our cooperation with our subtle enemies.

While this piece seeks to warn us of the impending political fraud orchestrated by the one chance team, its duty call to impugn the pride of this mortal god in our midst whose words emits from both lips (The double mouthed god). Uyo senatorial district has always been regarded as the first son in the tripod equation but that equation has been relegated to the trash can and 2019 shall determine our collective relevance or cooperate redundancy. Today it’s the Udo of Ikot Ekpene senatorial district that is the deciding factor because our leaders and elders from Uyo are too proud and blinded with ignorance to see that the glory is departing if it had not departed from Uyo Senatorial district.

As effective as Attah was we joined force with Akpan Obot to deem his light, today we are in a frenzy to diminish Udom Emmanuel so Godswill Obot Akpabio’s will be done again and again and again and again. No matter the political mudslinging against Mr Udom Emmanuel, he is not the problem of the Akwa Ibom nor her self acclaimed god neither her goddess of the cathedral, we from Uyo Senatorial district are the real target. How? Take a look at Akpabio’s electorial calculation of 500,000 votes from Ikot Ekpene and three hundred or so from anyway to make any candidate win as Governor. Uyo is no more the determining factor of victory with over a million votes and Uyo Elders in APC are sheepishly following without countering the madness of that calculation.

Ikot Ekpene senatorial district has subtly become the first son in the Akwa equation and we are stupidly following without asking questions. Ooh Uyo of Godswill Obot Akpabio and your new found love for him; beware of betraying Udom Emmanuel to betray our future. You have betrayed Senator James Udoedehe the should have been last man standing in APC, today he has no voice in the party he suffered for and you are not bothered.

It has come to the knowledge of this writer that Nsima Ekere has offered to appoint an SSG from Uyo Senatorial district; that means the Speakers’ position can not be in Uyo Senatorial district, deputy Governor of course goes to Ikot Ekpene Senatorial district. Believe be this is a serious conspiracy against a race.

God forbid, but if Nsima Ekere should ever be governor with his sharing formula, Uyo Senatorial will not have anyone with capacity to challenge his second term bid. While Godswill Obot Akpabio shall seek to play God by 2023 against Nsima, I doubt if Nsima will be that generous and accommodating as Governor Udom has been.

Savour some memorable quotes from Chief, Sen. Godswill Akpabio:

“By the time I finished with the Ibibio’s they will become insignificant MAJORITY in Akwa Ibom state” – 2013

“No Ibibio man will rule Akwa Ibom 8 years after me”- Godswill Akpabio

“Nobody can govern Akwa Ibom state without the full support of Ukana Cabal”

“Nsima, Umana, Udoedege can only be governor of Akwa Ibom state in another world, not while I am alive”

“If you keep saying Ibibio’s are the majority and Victor Attah, could not produce a successor and I as an Annang man did, will you still say Ibibio is the majority”- Akpabio asked his kingsmen in 2015.

“With the number of voters I gave to Ikot Ekpene senatorial district today Uyo senatorial district can no longer claims that their votes is highest again” Akpabio asked his people in 2014

“What we need now is to bring Oro to join forces with us and stop Ibibio’s from their so called “Majority”

“I can never be like Don Etiebiet, who had an opportunity to stop Ibibio’s their nonsense in this state but he refused, God forbid, Tofiakwa” – Akpabio.

Now I ask, who are the Ibibio’s? Where are the Ibibio’s? Do we still have Ibibio’s in Akwa Ibom State?

For Uyo Senatorial district, lets not expect anything good from Senator Godswill Akpabio and Nsima Ekere alliance, this is beyond party differences, this is about Uyo senatorial district, with Mr Udom Emmanuel we have a better bargain for our future and the maintenance of our natural birthright. Oh Uyo! put on your thinking cap, this is beyond APC and PDP.

• Micheal Joseph Okon, is from Uruan


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