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The bell for the 2019 election in Akwa Ibom has been pealed more loud and deep since the beginning of this New Year. At least 25 political parties have elded candidates for the governorship of our dear state, Akwa Ibom. The APC has elded Mr. Nsima Ekere, an unpredictable capitalist, as its candidate for the governorship. A loud noise, was made about his ambition last year, but that is gradually fading out, because the light of truth has shone and lit the corners of the heart of our people, where his promoters planted darkness.

The alluring light of peace must continue to shine. A pocket of proud, ‘evil conspirators’ who mask themselves deceitfully with white linen as light and lovers of the people have gathered forming a nucleus within the APC. Their intent and purpose are clear. They want to force themselves one more time on Akwa Ibom, to quench the light that is lit. Every forward-thinking Akwa Ibom child must be interested and committed to keep the light shining its brilliant rays far beyond the comprehension of these self-confessed evil comspirators and their lover boy.

‘Who Must Not Be Governor’ is a sacrice from ‘Save Akwa Ibom Initiative’ forewarning the Lord’s people in Akwa Ibom State to ee the temptatious swallows in the APC hovering around and nding a convenience to reassert themselves over the state. Nsima Ekere has made himself one of the swallows, whose deeper intent to become the governor is not in the general good of Akwa Ibom State. It is this sad note that we at Save Akwa Ibom Initiative take up this responsibility, to familiarize Akwa Ibom people with our Endings on the true person and personality of Nsima Ekere, beyond the nice make-believe smile he

We have seen an era where terror and evil reigned supreme in this State. With the prayers of the church, the light of God is shinning back at us. Everyone should be interested in walking in that light. A sullen darkness and fury cannot reign because we desire a change. After all, the change should begin from within.

If Obong Nsima Ekere desires to be governor, which of course from all pointers, he does; he must show us cause that during his rst public service to the State, he did not sanction what Sunny Ibangas, and Uyo Nathaniels of this world did. I should resist a straight- cut answer that none of the duo was convicted, hence the two can’t be held responsible for those events. Everyone knows how they got off the noose. Obong Nsima Ekere, please sir you mustn’t be a receptacle; collecting all manner of rubbish, evil and good men at the same time, for the single reason that you seek to be governor. This is part of what punctures the heart of your integrity. Show us that your are not against us. We are still suffering from the spillover effect of the actions of the government which you were part of. The seed of cultism planted by that administration has grown and blossom such that cultism is a culture in our secondary schools. One cannot say exactly when we will conquer this cankerworm.

We have learn to pray about our problems under the Udom Emmanuel’s administration than resort to armed violence. The son of a poor man imbued
with talents can be given a position without having his dad or the child himself, committed to a fetish oath. This is the way I have chosen to go. This is the way of Christ.


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