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As you now know, the infamous wife vs side chic challenge has come to an inglorious end with important lessons to be learnt. Overtime, I have consistently refused to air my views about women in order not to labeled a chauvinist. However, recent developments have necessitated the bringing of these thoughts to the fore so here we go.

Whilst some feminists hold the opinion that male domination has always been the bane of collective female development, I have always differed by positing that the problem of women are the women themselves. As a matter of fact, the female folks are the only thing stopping women from assuming heights of greatness. Men only apply the divide and rule strategy based on a foundation already set by women themselves albeit unknowingly. As a matter of fact, if women decide to overlook their differences and come together in unison to pursue any set agenda, there is nothing men would be able to do to stop them. Will such a day come? I sincerely doubt.

You see, there is so much toxicity, contention, strife, and competition amongst the female folk. You may hold a contrary opinion, but my position is buttressed by the wife vs side chic challenge. Interestingly, the whole charade had no input whatsoever by men. It was the women themselves that came up with the idea. They themselves did all the posts while we men sat on the fence and watched. Then suddenly, they themselves spoilt it and name calling became the order of the day ending with the term “mkpor iban isi kanna ado”. This justifies the position of a particular school of thought that the female folk are unable to carry out any task on their own without the input of men. I do not believe this in totality anyway as there are women who have attained heights of greatness in their personal exploits. Individually, women are doing well. The problem sets in when they come together.

So what is the thing about women that they cannot coexist together in peace? This is the question our forefathers often asked themselves in the days of polygamy. Women exude so much energy and tact when dealing with one another but sit like lame ducks when men are involved. (My sincere apologies).

I recall with nostalgia an experience I had back in my days in students’ politics. It was in the build up to the Students Union election and I supported a cerebral female student who aspired as SUG President. Do you know why she failed the election? Fellow girls on campus said they will never support her. When I sought to know why I had various flimsy excuses thrown at me. The one I will never forget is a statement a girl said thus: “you want me to support her so that when she becomes President she will drive in an AC car while the rest of us walk on foot”? I said “but other presidential aspirants will also drive the same car if they win” and she replied “yes na, that one is a man. That one no go pain me like say na woman like me dey drive pass us while we dey waka for leg”. That was just the problem. While they were antagonizing her they forgot that female students were more in number than their male counterparts on campus and that if they all come together behind one of them there is no election they would not win because politics afterall is a game of numbers. Till today Uniuyo is yet to produce a female SUG president. I guess you now know why.

Now let’s look at relationships. Do you know that two men can date the same lady and would not quarrel with one another? Infact they would share drinks together and discuss their escapades. But women? Tufiakwa. This is not an advocacy for flirtatious behavior but a premise for my argument.

In order not to bore you with a lengthy article I have to conclude at this point. This is not an attack on the female folks but a wake up call. See yourselves as your sister’s keepers and do away with the contention. It is not necessary. There is room for everyone at the top.

Thank you for reading. Yak emem aba ndion.

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