We patronize business for different reasons, some which are: because we know the owner or those running the business; because we were referred to them; maybe because we want to belong to a certain class on the society etc but ultimately, the essence of patronizing should be based of the value we are customers, enjoy from who we are patronizing.

In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 reasons why you should patronize one of the fastest growing Barbecue business in Uyo.

  1. TASTE:
    In food business generally, it is the taste of the food that determines the if a customer will have you as the preferred option when ever the thought of them eating the kind of food you serve. We in E’BarbeQ are very careful about the taste of our fish as we take our time to finesse our Sauce, giving you the best of test both Catfish and Croaker. In the last 3 months of our existence, we have recorded below 20% of complaints regarding the taste of our fish. Nevertheless, we keep improving our quality so that we can be your preferred spot when Fish Barbecue crosses your mind. Don’t forget about our complimentary fish policy where we give you a complimentary fish if the first one had issues.

(Interestingly, we’ve had people who before tasting our fish never liked eating Catfish because of their past experiences but they ended up eating with joy after tasting our fish.)

    80% of are ingredients for sauce or Natural. We carefully choose that part because we want to serve you with less packaged materials. This is of no disrespect to the seasonings etc but we just want you to connect with nature will enjoy the fish on front of you.
  2. SIZE:
    Eating fish as a meal is a luxury which is quite about the budget of some class of the society hence, we consider it important that the size of our fish must match with the price. The least of our fish costs Two Thousand Naira (N2,000). You are assured of the size because it commensurate with the price.
  3. SALAD:
    Ooooh, aside from the salad cream, we keep it natural. Everything is fresh, no additions etc and you will enjoy our tasty, yummy and delicious salad.
    We see a customer beyond being mere people walking into our office to buy or order our product but I see that as family. This reflects on how we relate and treat you before, during and after the delivery. In all our dealings, we try our best to satisfy our clients, giving them the respect they deserve because we exist because the patronize. We respect boundaries and know when to draw the line too.

E’BarbeQ is a destination for you when you are indeed of a well Barbecued Catfish and Croaker. From N2,000, you will enjoy not only the fish we sell but the experience we offer. Contact us on 08066545901 to make your order.

(we have to fish up for grabs now… Already prepared. We are at 14 Uruan Street (TAPA’DIA) opposite Maxi Clean)

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