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Attack on Deputy Governor’s convoy: Before Akpabio becomes unsalvageable

Akwa Ibom Liberation Movement (AILM)

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Attack on Deputy Governor’s convoy: Before Akpabio becomes unsalvageable

The Akwa Ibom Liberation Movement (AILM) has watched with disbelief the many atrocities supported by the former Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswilll Akpabio, since August 8, 2018, when he was granted political pardon and given asylum in the All Progressives Congress.

Since Akpabio defected to the APC, he exported with him the many viruses which stood him out as the master of impunity and a demigod with destructive powers. For a man that the APC claimed had killed hundreds of its members from 2007-2015, it was disgustingly ironic to see the same party members rejoice over his defection and crossover to the broom party.

True to type, a leopard can not change its spot. Akpabio defected to the APC with all his abominable characters. He started with his now famous Warsaw Warsaw comments and the APC led government laughed because the comedian has arrived the cinema. He rigged the APC primary, stew it with blood, and the life of three APC supporters. Beyond the bloodshed, the enduring tranquility which the state has enjoyed in the last three years was upstirred by the brigandage and thuggery which rocked that sham primaries. The maddening brigandism, and manipulation of the primary election led to the burning down of the Okobo Police station.

On Tuesday 6th November, Akpabio upped the game of violence and bloodletting when a gang of armed thugs he allegedly sponsored attacked the Deputy Governor, Mr. Moses Ekpo, and guests who convened at unity hall, Essien Udim to receive decampees into the PDP. It was reported that the thugs fired bullets into the hall; thereafter, known youth loyal to Akpabio, blocked the Ikot Ebak bridge where the Deputy Governor’s convoy was to use to return to Uyo after the event, and burnt tyres on the bridge, making it impassable for the deputy governor’s convoy. Akpabio and the APC have kept mum over this dastard and mindless act of violence against the deputy governor and functionaries of government.

Consequent upon the foregoing, Akwa Ibom Liberation Movement (AILM) wishes to state that the sponsored attack on the Deputy Governor was a serious security threat to the government and the entire people of Akwa Ibom State.

The APC in Akwa Ibom State has proven to be a party that encourages violence and condones illegality. A party that is responsive and committed to change and peaceful society would have in the least condemned such attack. APC is no such party Рin the last few months, the party has made violence its fort̩.

Akwa Ibom people are yet to hear a rebuke from the APC condemning the several human rights abuses and violations perpetrated by Akpabio under the cover of politics. Recall that recently, a house of assembly aspirant of the APC from Essien Udim, confessed to the media that Akpabio ordered that he should be kidnapped and detained for expressing an alternative opinion against the consensus the former governor sought for his boy, Nse Ntuen, to return to the house of assembly.

AILM wishes to state unequivocally that Akpabio does not have the monopoly of violence – and any further attack on any Akwa Ibom child by any individual or political party will be vehemently resisted. Akwa Ibom state of today is safer than the bloodletting period between 2007-2015. The Akwa Ibom state of today has overcome the notoriety of government – empowered abduction, rape, and killing of political opponents which characterised the Akpabio’s era.

The APC and Akpabio’s men should note that households in the state are still living with the scars and sad memoirs of the Akpabio’s eight tortuous years of violence and shall not hesitate to react likewise in event of any provocation or attack. Akwa Ibom does not belong to Akpabio or any individual for that matter.

We urge Akwa Ibom people to rise up and take their destiny in their hands. Akwa Ibom people must rise and resist the attempts by a few selfish men to convert the state to their private estate. Akwa Ibom must resists all forces of darkness hovering over the state desiring to extinguish the light that has shone on it these past three years.

We call on security agencies in the state to rise to the raging security threats fashioned against Akwa Ibom people by the APC, with seriousness and speed.

We call on President Muhammadu Buhari to call his new catch to order and ensure that Akpabio directs his gangsters to surrender their weapons.

Enough is Enough.


Prince Emmanuel Sam

Movement Leader

Comrade Bassey Esio

Secretary General

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