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Facebook is a Mirror- Nigerian Bishop Cautions Uyo FB Community

A popular Facebook bishop who is known by his campaign for bachelors to marry has taken to social media over the recent happenings in Uyo Facebook Community, Bishop Leo Leo Umanah of the Bachelors Must Marry By Force Ministry is also a member of the Akwa Ibom State Internal Revenue Committee said “Every man on earth no matter how rough and bad he is whenever he wants to marry will always look out for or look for a decent, respectful woman to marry.” Advising Everyone especially those unmarried to be cautious of their actions while living their life on Facebook (FB).

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“I am not condemning anyone here on Fb, but just know there’s life outside and after Fb, the real life.
Whatever you do in Fb will speak for you or against you in real life if not today, morrow.

When it happens, don’t heap your blames on satan, witches and wizards, enemies but yourself.

So many mistakes we made yesterday, a lot of people are crying today.

Where we are today is as a result of the things we did yesterday, where we will be tomorrow is consequent upon what we are doing now.

If no one is advising you, Advise yourself.
If no one is talking to you, talk and caution yourself.

The whites can walk naked and do all kinds of things, thats their nature, culture and tradition.

We are all decent, God fearing people with a decent tradition and culture.

In those days, as a woman you dare not allow a man to see your pants. Not possible. While sitting, your mum will advise you to always close your legs.

Now even in churches, they flaunt it open. what a generation of serpents and scorpions.

How will your children grow to read all kinds of nonsense about you as a mother and a father.

The bible says, a good name is better than a precious ointment.
Its a Legacy.

Watch your tongue, watch what you eat, wear and do. The society is a mirror, Fb is a mirror.

God is watching you
People are watching you
Don’t live, i don’t care life please.
It will speak for or against you morrow.

There are private parts in our bodies that must always be covered. Even Adam and Eve in the Garden sought for self help to cover them, when they realized they were naked.

Dress properly and talk decently.
If you are mad and really mad, psychiatric hospital is there to chain you and cure your madness.

Don’t be shamelessly shameless, it will not work and doesn’t work that way.
There must be these growing shame and fear of God in you always,

These will guide your tots and actions.
Every man on earth no matter how rough and bad he is whenever he wants to marry will always look out for or look for a decent, respectful woman to marry.
Very true.

We must make this Fb and the society a better place even for generations unborn.

We must make a differnce.

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