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#U40 Budgets $139 Dollars Capital to all Women as Controversial Uyo Social Media Influencer Launches Pet Project

According to available statistics, the population of women globally, outnumbers that of men. For someone that has been following women trend, I can say this categorically, this population size of women is a pointer that by default, the onus of a building a better, safer, peaceful and prosperous society lies on the shoulder of women.

Mother nature had blessed women with extraordinary strength, intellect, foresight and every other virtue that gave birth to these powerful quotes:

“Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.

“When women participate in the economy, everyone benefits” -Hillary Clinton

“There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”- Koffi Annan.

“If women understood and exercised their power they could remake the world.” -Emily Taft Douglas

If the success of a man is tied to a woman behind him, trust me that woman must be an emotional, financial and intellectual support to that man.

Imagine a society women are united for the purpose of supporting, empowering and building each other intellectually, financially, emotionally? I bet you, we will have more than enough women playing the role of “the woman behind a successful man” playing the role of pillars to their fellow women, of course, this will have a ripple effect in the society at large.

The problem of Nigerians is, the want government to do it all. Even in developed countries, government is not doing it alone. Reason we have Bill Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation championing different humanitarian services.

In my little capacity, I am launching U40 EVEPRENUERS on my birthday 21st April, 2019. This platform seeks to unite under forty women entrepreneurs or aspiring under 40 women entrepreneurs, for the purpose of networking for exploits.

Yes, there are several bodies giving grants and interest free loans to women,a few women have been able to access these facilities individually, I believe coming under a registered body will make the process much easier.

For a start, my plan is to empower 31 Rural women with a small token of 50k seed capital, one from each local government.

For existing business owners, it is a fact that the role of marketing and advertisement cant be overemphasized in any succesful business. For this purpose, we intend to interview them, put their businesses on our website, social media platform, U40Eveprenuers Online Tv; while liasing with TV and radio houses to give us slots for this contents. This will help showcase their businesses for increased patronage and clientele.

Pundits say, “Information and it’s application is power”. to ensure that business owners are not deficient in poor business management, we will partner with Microfinance and Enterprise Development, to run business clinics for our members, especially in the rural areas.

Our Annual U40 Evepreneurs conference will give this women the opportunity to learn from the success stories of internationally recognized Under Forty Females CEOs like Dr. Ola Orekunrin, the owner of Flying Doctors, Tara of Makeup etc.

Complaints and blames dont solve problems, ideas in concert with actions do.I pray this little input will produce remarkable result.

Our social media pages are up, send us a message if you are interested in signing up with U40Eveprenuers.
Or call 08126369030.

Partners, sponsors and volunteers are very much welcomed.
God bless!




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