Feature: Akpabio’s Only Mistake!

He comes from a hypothetical kingdom. An empire of envoys. But very few bare him witness. His former allies, now his attackers. Senator Godswill Akpabio became a governor on time. Made his friends and enemies untimely. But after his tenure as governor. He became a master without a place. A soldier without lieutenants. Most of his former friends made him look like a canonized wanderer. But he’s still the king of the jungle.

Akpabio’s appointment as minister became a master stroke to many. Bringing experiences of uncertainty to many camps. Godfathers felt threatened. They formed a gang of betrayers against his wisdom. Making him a victim for a crime he never committed. Now, their thoughts are coming in form of a probe. Meaning that. Not many who called him his own, were pleased with his expansion. Placing him at the center of haters. To them, he has come to take over their heritage. It’s a normal miracle to discredit responsible leaders in politics. But the likes of Akpabio are images beyond the ordinary.

Barely few months as minister. Akpabio is becoming a bitter lemon to power brokers. Making us condemn his fate with a rhetoric of sympathy. But National Assemblymen want his head on their table. They want his hands cut off. Because he has ordered for the impossible in NDDC. He has been accused of many wrongs. With no seed of guiltiness. Whoever is guilt-ridden is based on evidence. And such a case is decided within eligible forces. Not with a mango probe.

Just before the verdict is announced. Let’s reecho Akpabio’s era as governor of Akwa Ibom. The streets of Uyo knew no rest. His times were rough with visible projects. His achievement cards were pasted everywhere. That was why he was tagged ‘Uncommon.’ Though most people still had this same anxiety against his benevolence. They thought he stole more than he invested. But years after leaving office. No court case to his discredit. But the man who came after has. As governor. Akpabio came with an image that was very close to destiny. To him, eight years was too much. Even as a Senate minority Leader. His virtues were untouched. An open-secret leader. The Ukana politician is a man with a touch of difference.

The recent ‘off your mic’ drama was a tag of injustice. They tried to shut him off his proof. But he insisted on crowning his plague with managerial tendencies. He wanted cameras to bear him witness of innocence. He refused to keep quiet. Because his hands were full of substantiations. They expected him to slum, just like the first man acted. But the Uncommon minister disappointed the devices of the craftsmen. Leaving them at the mercy of their deeds. Equating the allegations with unreliable attacks. If there’s any sin they’ve noted. If there’s something they know in secret. The masses are waiting at the open for the obvious. They want its pasted at all corners. But if there’s none. It means Akpabio did not deserve the exposure.

Akpabio’s story is a case of ‘unwanted’ minister trying to impose his good wills. That’s his only mistake. But he ought to be very careful. Because he has less than twenty heads at the National Assembly who want him to continue. While others want to create a sore wounds of political malice against him. And none of it has to do with a high calling of democracy. His stake in politics may not save him. Because they’re the sort of problem that come with planting wrong seeds. Its contagion is what we have today. Akpabio is only surviving on his past goodwill.

When the later could not succeed. A flippant lady came with her own version. She accused Senator Akpabio of harassment. A santa, no politician could endure. But the Minister allowed it to slide. To him, his dreams for the Niger Delta is beyond any attack. So focused with intentions. He make meanings from his appointment. And caused actions to take place. With his skills of many centers. Akpabio is a man of means. A minister of his own caliber.

The ongoing attacks in form of probe are not necessary. A wasted time; is a time lost. All those in the corridor decision should be briefed properly. Akpabio should be allowed. Because his focus means so much to the Niger Delta. It’s a time everyone was expecting. Because with Akpabio, souls will be lifted. Lives will be touched. And governance will be felt by all.

My Name is Gideon Ekere
Nigeria Deserves The Best!

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