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Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State leads Ekiti State Governorship Campaign Council for the PDP.

In Charles De Gaulle’s opinion, “politics is too serious a business to be left to the politicians”.

Udom Emmanuel declares for second term

In his conceptualization, politics encapsulates governance for the common good and negates mediocrity.

Governor Udom Emmanuel stands tall as one leader who understands the business of politics, not as the professional politician but as a professional in politics. He engages an unconventional strategy to ‘satisfy’ the needs of the people of the state.

The Governor is focused on delivering his administration’s 5- point Agenda: Job Creation, Wealth Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Infrastructure Expansion & Consolidation and Political & Economic Inclusion.
One of his strategies for alleviating poverty, creating wealth and jobs is industrialization.

St Gabriel’s Coconut Refinery is a robust and ambitious feat in this regard. The factory which would provide hundreds of direct and over 5,000 indirect jobs to indigenes of the state, would refine coconut into over 50 different commodities, particularly beverages and confectioneries.

This is a product of a thoughtful and proactive leadership that’s futuristic. By extrapolation, Akwa Ibom, in the nearest future, unemployment would be drastically reduced in the state.

The state is gradually growing a middle- class, which is a pointer to an improved economy.

Governor Udom Emmanuel’s pattern of politics is inextricably linked with quality governance.

Akwa Ibom, under Udom is rising!


Uwemedimoh Umanah is Public Affairs Analyst

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