Niger Delta Food Basket & Crafts Show 22-24 August, Ibom Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Niger Delta Food Basket & Crafts Show 22-24 August, @Ibom Hall, Uyo, Akwa Ibom

Is the perfect place to connect with today’s, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, suppliers, young entrepreneurs and your peers.

It offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity to meet and deal with the biggest manufacturers, retailers and suppliers in the Niger Delta especially in the
following categories:
✅Food Manufacturers
✅Equipment Suppliers
✅ Farmers
✅ Development Organizations
✅ Creative Businesses
✅Fashion & Designs
✅ Catering Services
✅ Beverage Companies
✅ Fabric Production/Retailers


Cash & Carry
✅ Importing, Distributing,
Wholesale companies
✅Food service companies
✅Department stores
✅Contract /
✅ Catering
✅ Schools

Visitors at the food expo can attend sessions about:
▶production planning, agritourism, retailing, branding strategies and farmers marketing.

🇳🇬Local growers will also be available to showcase their expertise.

For further enquiries and to participate, please call 09039713488

Date- August 22-24 2018

Kindly click the link to register for free .

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