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Obong Nsima Ekere; Be a Man for Once.

Obong Nsima Ekere; Be a Man for Once.
It might interest you to note that I have been following you since the day you made up your mind to contest the Governorship election in 2016.
Your first billboard was at Ikot Ekpene road near the then “Inyang Attah” and one thing that attracted you to me was that your Posters were all Printed digitally, a fine departure from the norm.
We were told that you were sponsored for the election by Obong Ufot Ekaette who was the SGF then…Your ambition didn’t work out as Chief Godswill Akpabio won and your plans to become the Deputy Governor was thwarted and Engr Patrick Ekpotu was chosen.
I was privileged to know and see how you disrespected Ekpotu throughout that 4 years the man served as Deputy Governor…You did everything to undermine the man yet he was occupied with his job and served meritoriously and left in 2011. Great guy, Ekpotu.
You assumed office as the Deputy Governor in Akpabio’s second term and barely lasted a year in that position… Your lust and love for Power gave you out. Luckily, you got wind of your impeachment which would have taken place the next day and right from your hotel room in Lagos you asked Inemesit Ina who still serves as your media aide to slot in your resignation letter and that was the end of that era.
In 2015, you came out again to contest and as usual,you were defeated by the present Governor at the Primaries, you formed a pressure group known as G-22 and  opposed Udom…From there, you pretended as though you were still in PDP but you were actually financing the APC against your party the PDP.
After the Court Cases, Obong Umana Okon Umana nominated you and with Amaechi (The same man who was the cause of your resignation) in power you were appointed to head the NDDC as the MD/CEO, a slot meant for Akwa Ibom State not for APC, not because of your relationship with Amaechi but because you are from Akwa Ibom State.
That position would have been the best for us as a State but you decided as usual to use the position for your selfish ambition and interest…At this point, the State doesn’t mean anything to you.
You have visited 8 States Governors of the Niger Delta States but till today, you haven’t visited your home state Governor. UOU who contested elections against Udom had since last year visited the State Governor and pledged working relationship to see the actualization of Ibom Seaport. We expected same from you. It’s not in you to display maturity, you will never. It’s a shame.
Few months ago, I read that some sycophants went to the Court to ask you to come and contest as Governor that you are eligible..Abasi  mmi, who did this to you?
Today,I read again that the same Sycophants are saying that they have written a letter to the President asking him to release you to come and contest as Governor come 2019.
Oga, this brings me to my main concern, that is the reason I am asking you to be a man for once…Is the President holding you from contesting? Is there any law that stopped you from contesting? Did anyone say you are not eligible to contest?Leave all this gimmicks Sir ,if you want to contest, please tender your resignation and come and contest. Election idoho mbre udibe!
But for your information Sir, I don’t see you going near the party nomination of APC..As you are planning to resign and come to contest, make sure the position of the MD/CEO of NDDC is allocated to another Akwa Ibom Son or daughter who will know how to utilize that position for the development of our State.
Be a Man for once…stop sending your attack dogs to be insulting the State Government…If you want to help failures like Clement Ikpatt, Etim Etim, Udo Silas etc  please help them without conditions of them writing to insult the Governor ..They really have hope on you.
I am waiting to read your resignation letter Sir and at the end, we will know who will laugh last. You never seem to learn.
As usual, I am still that your good friend and well wisher and my name is
 Imo Udoima 
(The Duke of Uyo).

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