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VIDEO: How to make Nigerian Akara (Bean cake) with a blender| Easy Steps for Nigerian food Beginners

This is one of the most popular snacks/food in Nigeria. It is made from beans flour, spiced to taste, and deep-fried into balls; they are taken with bread sandwich, pap/custard, eaten with either plantain/yam/potato fries with stew. Whether or not as a roadside snack, it is best served hot; eaten alone or with bread, and of course accompanied with a chilled fruit drink.

So what and what do you need to make this amazing fluffy Akara?


Habanero pepper(or to choice)

Red onion


Chicken Bullion Powder

Peanut oil

You can use a blender or a food processor.


1. Select the beans (This process helps to take out bad particles from the bean)

2. Wash and scrub the beans with warm water (This will help easy blending and control the amount of water used during blending. We need a thick and not “runny” batter.)

3. Soak in water for an hour or put in the fridge. (We kept it till the next day)

4. Pour the beans into a powerful blender; add bullion powder, salt, onions, and pepper. Blend the mixture, until you get a smooth but thick consistency. You can add just a little water to the blender, to help it blend easily. Make sure to blend in batches, so that you won’t get granules and bean lumps. Blend the bean till you get the desired consistency.

5. The hand mixer help to incorporate air into the bean paste batter making it creamy thus achieving a fluffy interior. It saves time.

6. Pour the vegetable into a deep pot or frying pan; the oil should be deep enough to cover an egg, that’s like 3 inches deep. Heat up the oil until hot, but not extremely hot, so that the Akara does not just cook on the outside without cooking on the inside.

7. Using a tablespoon, Scoop the blended beans mixture and drop it gently into the hot oil. You can drop a little of the beans mixture into the oil to test the heat; If it browns instantly, then the oil is too hot, but if it sizzles and still has a white color, then it is at the right temperature.

8. Fry the Akara until brown and make sure you flip it over so that both sides brown at the same time. Some like theirs fried light brown or deep brown. It is totally up to you.

9. Be very cautious when splashing the hot oil onto the Akara during frying. (Transfer the Akara into a sieve lined with a paper towel, to help absorb the excess oil)

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