A generation of sex By Fejiro Oliver

Make no mistake about it, my generation is fixated with two things – Sex and Sex alone!

From East to West, North to South, all my generation cares about is how to have hips, increase their ass and enlarge their dicks. All we care about is shifting of wombs of ladies which is why drugs that enhances sex and make dicks bigger have been best sellers from time immemorial.

All my generation thinks about is how to have big booty that will drive men crazy. And oh, how I love these big booty and hips. I know I love it hence whoever I marry must be naturally endowed in that area. Whether I will cheat or cheating with another big ass will be left for my God to help when the temptation comes. And yes, I got it but temptation from what I see daily is real. Man is never satisfied. Even your favorite pastor is not the saint you think he is.

My generation do not care about how to further their studies especially the girls. Why go further when your big ass can take you to the top these days? Why task your brains for education when all you need is a wide hips, big ass, hot banging body and speaking good English, you can get to the Zenith of your career above those who are more educated, more hardworking and more deserving? If in doubt, check the top ladies in our banking sector and even FG agencies like CBN, FIRS, NNPC, NCC and other lucrative ones.

From Instagram, all we display oozes sex. There we have the slaykings, slay queens and yoruba demons all out to devour each other. Nothing intellectual actually takes place again but how to meet and knack.

On Facebook, what goes on in the DM is how to meet and flog the kpekus. Everyone is in a hurry to count census of the guys and girls they see their pictures daily. I’m not exempted from this. It’s the generation I found myself.

But we can do better. While we have this fun, wild sex and ways to enhance our bodies to please the opposite sex, we should also enhance our spiritual knowledge of God, asking the silent question… “Am I living up to God expectations just as I’m living up to fellow men expectations?”.

At the end of all these, the body is but only dust and sand. The minute the eyes closes, eternity beckons.

©️ Fejiro Oliver

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